Learning Objectives

Mission: To prepare student to thrive in a complex global environment

Goal 1 – Integrate the knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom with that obtained in the business world through cooperative education

  • Integrate knowledge obtained in the classroom and on cooperative education placements to recognize and identify business problems.
  • Identify the ethical and organizational elements in the problem.
  • Recommend solutions that address the problem within the organizational environment.

Goal 2 – Adapt and function effectively in diverse business cultures

  • Frame the business problem within the context of the culture and legal system in which the business is operating.
  • Analyze the problem, using both quantitative and qualitative information and tools.
  • Propose solutions that reflect the culture and legal system in which the business operates.

Goal 3 – Provide well-reasoned and innovative solutions to business problems

  • Formulate the problem clearly and concisely.
  • Identify the relevant quantitative and qualitative information and analytical tools needed to address the problem.
  • Analyze the problem.
  • Provide solutions/recommendations, recognizing the uncertainties inherent in any business problem and solution.

Goal 4 – Communicate effectively

  • Present information, issues and recommendations clearly.
  • Discuss issues and recommendations persuasively.
  • Integrate the expertise of multiple parties to produce a product that is better than the sum of its parts.