A gift from David Nardone, DMSB'79/MBA'82, will keep the Nardone Family Seminar Series running in perpetuity.

From an unexpected project detour, Madisyn Dudley, COE '21, and her classmates found a better result to reduce ventilator shortages.

With purpose and passion, Karan Kishorepuria, DMSB'21, took a social-impact investing group to the next level.

Xilian Sansoucy, DMSB'21, saw flaws in her own public school education. Then she resolved to do something about it.

Luis Sanchez, DMSB'20, was looking for cultural connection. The answer was a culinary ‘time capsule' in the form of community building.

“Our Northeastern residents give us agility and flexibility that ultimately results in cost and time savings.” says Sue McPoland, former Director of Global Consumer Insights

“We need the right people, so that's where we turn to our Northeastern residents…They're involved in all phases and they get the complete experience of seeing a project through from start to finish.”

Businesses like Starbucks can apply their supply-chain expertise to rescue U.S. vaccination efforts, says Dunton Family Dean Raj Echambadi and Professor Nada Sanders.

Northeastern researchers, including Chris Riedl, present a new explanation for how spiteful behavior spreads in social circles and political movements.

Rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine efficiently will require a set of skills fostered by supply chain experts, says Dunton Family Dean Raj Echambadi and Professor Nada Sanders.