About Karan

Hometown: Kenya
Current Position: Client Reporting Analyst at Manulife Investment Management
Previous University: Northeastern University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor's degree in International Business and Finance
Q: Why did you decide to earn your master's through the PlusOne MS in International Management program?

A: While earning my bachelor's, I studied abroad in the UK. My experience there helped me realize that I wanted to further my education in international management. I'm interested in working in an operations role within a financial institution or a small-stage start-up. I wanted to stay at Northeastern for my graduate degree, and the PlusOne option allowed me to start taking master's classes while still an undergrad so I could complete my master's degree just two semesters after completing my bachelor's degree.

Q: How have you grown your professional network?

A: One huge benefit of studying at Northeastern is the support you receive in developing your professional network. The networking opportunities have helped me feel prepared to enter the professional world. I've met great people across industries: finance, healthcare, entrepreneurs, accountants, and restaurant owners. The knowledge I gained from my classmates is more significant than ever imagined.

The connections I've made and the knowledge I've gained in my classes have left me feeling prepared to pursue that career path. I'm so grateful I was able to benefit from this experience.

Q: How impactful have faculty in your program been on your learning experience?

A: Northeastern helps you build lasting connections with faculty due to the many opportunities to work with them, like projects, assistantships, or office hours. For example, in my last Northeastern semester, I got to take an independent study with one of my favorite professors, which was a great way to deepen my learning and build a professional connection with them.

It's amazing how much your professors can help you, not just in career growth but as life mentors. If I had to give credit for my success at Northeastern, I would give 10% to myself for working hard, and the remaining 90% is all thanks to the entire faculty.

Q: What advice would you share with future students?

A: Today, it's all about connections so take advantage of the resource at your fingertips. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help build your network and connect with everyone you meet during your program. Also, make use of your professors. They're there to help you. Show up during office hours and start a conversation. What you'll learn through your master's is very focused, specialized, and takes time to understand. Talking to professors and other students will make your life much easier. Initially, you may not believe that you can do it. But you can. My program pushed me to a point I never thought I could reach. I'm so grateful for that.

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