Sara Seegolam, MBA’20, took over our Instagram account during graduation week to share her D’Amore-McKim experience with us.

Northeastern professors are happy to be back on campus. Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy Anna Lamin and Associate Teaching Professor of Finance Mark Gooley share why they’re excited to return to the classroom this fall.

George Yip’s most recent research shows China challenging the West in manufacturing-based innovation.

Jim Madigan, DMSB’86, Northeastern men’s hockey coach, reflects on recognizing early on the potential of Jamie Oleksiak, a Northeastern hockey star who graduated to the NHL Stanley Cup Final, in the player’s first year at Northeastern.

“By earning my MS in Accounting at Northeastern, I’ve built a skill set that’s very flexible and adaptable in a changing environment, so I’ll be able to choose my own path.”

Dolph Johnson, EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of Hasbro, Inc., and Roxanne Martinez, EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of Dentaquest, will assume the roles of co-chairs, bringing many years of experience and leadership to the Board.

After saying goodbye to her life in New York City, Vallabhi Singh, DMSB ’17, started her own company, which explores the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, humanity, and technology.

Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy Julia Ivy shares how Belarus is rewriting its story through the force of its young people.

Leah Sheridan, DMSB’21, and her roommate, Catrina Whitman, CSSH’21, share their stories about navigating life off campus, which means making new routines and taking seriously their responsibility to promote the safety of the Northeastern community.

“Getting a dual degree from D’Amore-McKim sets you apart… with this specific degree, you can say you have real-world experience, that you understand business concerns, and that you know how to solve problems from a multitude of angles.”