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“This experience opened my mind to how people learn and operate differently. This is an important skill for someone like me who wants to become a leader in a smaller company.”

“When I did my residency in finance, I was surprised by how much I liked the field…As a result of that experience, I have accepted a full-time job in finance.” says Leah Riley, MBA'20

A tech-savvy intrapraneur, Robert Hass is used to driving innovation from inside companies. Guided by a D'Amore-McKim MBA and a keen sense of social consciousness, he aims to help corporations do well while doing right by society.

“Choosing to attend D'Amore-McKim was one of the best decisions of my life,” Reinertsen says.

“I have developed a confidence to trust my inner voice in a room of other business-minded individuals – not just as a mark of my own thoughts, but also as a way to hone my own thinking by allowing my ideas to interact comfortably with the thought processes of others,” says Ali.

Provanzano had a concentration in Supply Chain Management. He says, “As a later stage career changer, the corporate residency program and the engagement from the career center appealed to me.”

Silverstein's specialization was in Corporate Finance. He says, “…the hidden gem of this program is the student body itself. In a program of 70 students per graduating class, everyone knows everyone, and everyone is very supportive of each other's success.”

As a student focused on supply chain management, Belose says, “The D'Amore-McKim School of Business has helped me in developing the fundamental mindset of asking the right questions, identifying the issues, and applying the knowledge to find the best possible solutions.”

Flynn focused on Corporate Finance during her time at D'Amore-McKim. She says, “My biggest take-away is not to be intimidated by a complicated issue or assignment. D'Amore-McKim has given me the tools necessary to analyze and find solutions to any problem put in front of me.”

As a Health Care Management concentrator, Tharp says, “Case and team focused learning allows you to connect real world scenarios and gain different perspectives from working with your learning team.”