Q:Where is your hometown?

A:Rye, New York

Q:What are you studying at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business and what is your graduation year?

A:My concentration is in Finance, with a focus on Investments. My graduation date is August 2018.

Q:What are you doing your corporate residency?

A:My corporate residency is at Wellington Management. I am going to be working on the Multi-Asset Product Management team.

Q:What skills are you building at D'Amore-McKim that you are using in your corporate residency or will use in your future career?

A:D'Amore-McKim has helped me continue to build up my business acumen and technical skills. My knowledge of finance, accounting, marketing, and statistics will all be put to use while working at Wellington. The financial market knowledge and technical skills I developed in the 360 Huntington Fund will also be very helpful within the role.

Q:What has been the biggest take-away from working toward your MBA at Northeastern?

A:D'Amore-McKim's Full-Time MBA program has taught me a new level of business decision making. The recommendation portion of each case study we submitted pushed me to think creatively and communicate more concisely.

Q:What has been your most valuable experience so far?

A:The amount of group work that was necessary in the program has exposed me to many kinds of collaboration. It has been extremely valuable to work with people from many different backgrounds and find out the best ways to leverage our skill sets in order to achieve goals.

Q:Why did you choose D'Amore-McKim?

A:The corporate residency program was a major reason for selecting D'Amore-McKim. I also had a great experience throughout the recruitment process and was very impressed by each person I connected with.

Q:What would you say to a prospective student considering D'Amore-McKim for their business degree?

A:The peer group that we have developed at D'Amore-McKim has been one of the most valuable assets to our class. My classmates are hard-working, ambitious and supportive, which has helped me achieve personal growth and build a great network.