About Irina

Hometown: Kerovsk, Russia
Previous Position: Simmons University
Undergraduate Degree: Biochemistry
Concentrations: Business Analytics and Marketing
Q: Why did you decide to switch careers from nursing to business, and how will the MBA program at Northeastern help you achieve your goal?

A: While I was working as a registered nurse, I decided to venture into a different field in healthcare. Though I was unsure of what field to pursue, I believed that a Bachelor's in Biochemistry would increase my options. During the process of earning my degree, I learned a lot about biotechnology, and I became interested in the business aspect of biotech companies. I chose to get an MBA to gain the business knowledge and skills that would help me navigate this new career path I was interested in. Through research, I concluded that the business analytics and marketing concentrations would help me achieve my goal. With data and technology being so prevalent in business today, I knew the ability to manipulate data to make informed business decisions would help me build a competitive professional portfolio. In addition, marketing was the perfect avenue for me to learn critical skills like conducting and analyzing market research and making data-driven decisions using those insights. These skills would be important to succeed in biotechnology.

Northeastern's reputation precedes it. I had friends who attended various programs at the university and informed me about their wonderful experiences. I also learned about the experience-driven learning opportunities Northeastern provided its MBA students through the program's corporate residency offering. I knew it would be a great way to gain tangible experience and strengthen my skillset, which will help make my career change more achievable.

Q: In what ways has your corporate residency experience helped get your closer to your new career goals?

A: For my corporate residency, I worked on the Customer and Market Insights team at Biogen, a global biotech company, for a year. It was an excellent introduction to the business side of biotech companies. My projects revolved around the development of a new Alzheimer's medication. I worked on market research and competitive intelligence tasks to understand and analyze the marketplace in order to successfully launch our product. I was very excited to see the product on the market as the first FDA-approved modifying treatment for Alzheimer's.

Once I complete the MBA program, I plan to continue my career in biotech, probably in a marketing role. I gained a lot of invaluable skills and networks during my time at Biogen. The experience will be a great addition to my professional portfolio, and I believe it is a great start to my business career.

Q: Do you have any advice for prospective students?

A: If you're going into a new industry like I am, don't be afraid of being uncomfortable because that's a part of the process. There were times when I had a lot of questions and doubts, but my professors and peers provided me with the support and strength I needed to grow and succeed in this program. I've been able to develop the capabilities needed to accomplish my goals.

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