Emily Liu's journey at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business combines academic achievement, cultural exploration, and personal growth. A Business Administration student with a concentration in Marketing, Emily's early entrepreneurial ventures ignited her passion for the field. From the camaraderie of her vibrant volleyball community to her transformative study abroad experience in Bilbao, Spain, Emily's time at Northeastern has been both enriching and inspiring. 

Currently, Emily is gaining valuable experience at her first co-op, working with the Influencer Marketing Services team at Later. This opportunity allows her to navigate the intersection of people skills and the digital realm of social media. 

Why did you choose to pursue your degree at D'Amore-McKim? 

One of the reasons I chose Business Administration is that I started a small business selling slime in middle school. Growing that business and having an Instagram account sparked my interest in how businesses work. It also drove me to explore design and social media, inspiring my choice to study marketing. I knew D'Amore-McKim would be where I'd be most engaged in learning new skills and making a meaningful impact in the sector. 

Share 3 highlights from your Northeastern experience. (Study abroad, co-op, student clubs, friendship, etc.) 

1. Volleyball community 

I am most thankful for the volleyball community I have connected with at Northeastern. Open volleyball at Marino was the place where I least expected to form such close friendships, and now I spend my free time with friends I met there. If you take one thing away from this, it'd be to continue doing things that make you happy. Playing volleyball brings me joy and brought me to people I enjoy seeing every day. Today, we not only hang out at Marino but also at dinners in Chinatown, movie theaters, EXP for studying, and so much more. 

2. N.U.in Bilbao, Spain 

I studied abroad my first semester in Bilbao, Spain as a part of the N.U.in program. It's an experience that I am forever grateful for because it brought me long-lasting friendships and stories. Immersing myself in different cultures and living away from home for the first time challenged me to grow. I had the best time traveling around Spain to Madrid and Mallorca, as well as Amsterdam and Biarritz in France. After this experience, I would definitely recommend that students study abroad – I would do it again! 

3. Living in Boston 

It is a special opportunity to go to college surrounded by the resources of a city, and I hope everyone takes advantage of that! Public transportation makes my commute to my co-op in downtown Boston easy. It is a diverse city with various communities to find your belonging in. 

There are also many things to do with friends! For example, my friends and I visited Revere Beach on an unexpectedly warm day in October. Not to mention the good food all around. Our nearby cheap-eat go-to's are El Jefes, Penguin Pizza, and Pho Basil. 

Tell us about your co-op experience (where did you work, what was your experience like, how was the application/process experience, etc.) 

I am currently working at my first co-op (Spring 2024) at Later. If you think about Instagram Reels or Tiktoks where creators collaborate with brands to market a product or service, I am basically part of that process! I am part of the Influencer Marketing Services team, and I work with nine other co-op students, which greatly enhances the experience.  

I am contracted to work at their Boston office every day. Although I was initially nervous about working in-person every day rather than a hybrid, it worked out well! It's easier to connect with team members, and it enables a welcoming environment where I can make friends. 

We often have co-op meetings/activities like going on walks or even making slime (during a leap day event we organized for the whole office)! We are assigned a good variety of tasks that challenge us to grow, including Campaign Setup, Influencer Sourcing, Reporting, etc. I LOVE the culture at Later, and I truly believe our work contributes to the company's overall success. 

Careerwise, what are you excited about pursuing in the future?  

I am excited to pursue a career where people relationships and social media intersect. I believe it is relevant in today's increasingly digital world, and I often wonder how marketing and AI can work together. I am hopeful that Northeaster's experiential learning program will help to set me up for a longer-term career option post-grad. I love meeting new people and building strong connections, so that's something I aim to find regardless of what career path I choose. 

What advice do you have for future students? 

My main advice: Ride the wave and prioritize your happiness. In addition to that, some advice that helps me includes: 

  • Always be open to meeting new people. You never know when you'll meet your best friends and most rewarding connections. 
  • Don't be afraid to reach out to older peers for help! For example, support on revising your resumes or reports always helps. 
  • Stay organized! Spreadsheets might become your best friend. 
  • Use TRACE to prioritize strong professors over desirable class times.