Samantha Asprelli, a rising third-year student, solicits makeup from influencers and brand partners such as Glossier, Physicians Formula, Skinfix, Flyte.70 and First Aid Beauty.


Cory Gill graduated from D'Amore-Mckim in May with two co-ops under his belt and is now working on building his own company.


Esteemed faculty, alumni, and corporate partners were asked to grapple with questions like these: How do you bring AI into an organization? How do you deal with educating people about models and making them work?

“AI is often seen as a panacea. When we discuss ethical AI, it seems we want to shift our responsibilities to machines,” says Kasparov. “But like a mirror reflecting our flaws, AI simply highlights our societal issues.”

On June 14, 2024, the school hosted the first in a series of events to address and celebrate the thematic pillars of our new mission, starting with a focus on leadership and technology in business.

James Sibley and Sebastian Sanchez worked together, combining their business and agriculture skills to craft Phytabar, a chocolate seaweed bar loaded with omega-3s.


As a Fall 2023 recipient of the Srinivasan Family Awards for Projects in Emerging Markets, Dhwani Bhatt, a third-year honors Chemical Engineering student at Northeastern University, has spent the past year developing a biogas system to meet the energy needs of Sadhguru School in Fort Portal Uganda.

Thanks to trailblazing organizations like the IDEA student-led venture accelerator, Northeastern clinched second place at the 2024 Triple E Awards.

AI boosts productivity and speeds up work, but companies often overlook their employees. Studies show heavy AI users feel lonelier, drink more, and suffer from insomnia.

Harvard Business Review

Nvidia, Apple and Microsoft account for 20% of the value of the S&P 500 in an era of “polarization” in tech, says Northeastern University economics expert