#MeToo put a national focus on harassment and gender bias in Hollywood, politics, media and sports, but Northeastern Professor Timothy Hoff shines a light on the gender bias and harassment that women physicians experience in the medical profession.

First-time investors often try to make the safest bets possible by heavily researching their investments. A new study suggests that less money is lost by doing exactly the opposite.

India’s advancements in low cost, high quality healthcare services may attract U.S. patients offshores. Ravi Ramamurti comments on this change for PBS News Hour.

Airline pilot and soon to be MBA graduate, Pat Monfiston – Desir, MBA’19, is taking over our Instagram account this week! Follow along for an inside look at his D’Amore-McKim experience.

Alumni Julien Levesque and Kenzi Swanhart’s new cookbook

Northeastern graduate Lisa Brothers, who is also CEO and chair of Massachusetts-based engineering firm Nitsch Engineering worked twelve years to bring her love of public art to Boston’s spaces.

Northeastern professors across disciplines join forces to try to find out how firms respond to customers when a society at large faces a collective crisis.

New research shows that angry customers stick to their goals, which “can actually lead them to make better decisions, easier decisions, and more satisfying decisions,” says Alexander DePaoli, an associate teaching professor of marketing at Northeastern who co-authored the research.

Wanting to strengthen her global business acumen, Tatiana Lialina looked to Northeastern to learn how to expand her family’s business beyond its Russian roots. D’Amore-McKim stood out, she says, because of its reputation and flexible programs.

Nada Sanders discusses her forthcoming book, “The Humachine,” and the impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce for News at Northeastern.