Recent research examines 310 privately owned small and medium-sized companies from 22 transition economies in Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Republics to see how the payment of bribes affects entrepreneur perceptions of the business environment. Those who more frequently pay bribes create a “new normal” business environment that is perceived as increasingly harsh. However, for entrepreneurs who infrequently bribe, their “new normal” is likely to be perceived as more supportive of business.

Recent research examines business practices in the Arab world and how they differ from Western practices. Wasta is a practice in Arab society where people use their personal relationships to gain favor. The practice is seen differently by different groups, with some seeing it as generally desirable and others seeing it as generally undesirable but potentially necessary. Foreign firm managers operating in Arab societies will need to develop a solid understanding of the practice and its different perceptions among varying Arab groups in order to be successful in conducting business in the Arab world.

The Dean's Corner series provides a first-person, informative narrative of exciting and important happenings at Northeastern University's D'Amore-McKim School of Business. In this installment from Interim Dean Emery Trahan, he reflects on the items he removed from the 1993 Dodge Hall time capsule on Oct. 18.

Antisemitic comments from Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, have led to his corporate partners distancing themselves from the artist. But even though his remarks are recent, the sentiment behind them goes back millenia.

McKim, co-chair of the campaign and member of the Northeastern Board of Trustees, told News@Northeastern that the gift is intended to honor the leadership of Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun. The money will be used to establish eight new endowed chairs across the university.

Check out the list of all the items inside the 1993 Dodge Hall time capsule, including the songs on the cassette tape that we'll be playing on the Sony Walkman.

The 2022 Frontiers in International Business Conference, hosted by the Darla Moore School of Business in Charleston, South Carolina, featured a keynote talk and numerous session presentations by notable D'Amore-McKim faculty and one rising star undergraduate student.

In recent years, private entities are providing more aid to less developed countries relative to foreign governments. Recent research seeks to understand how different types of aid affect the strategic choices local firms and entrepreneurs make in the assisted markets, as well as the resulting outcomes. This will allow for better informed policy decisions that consider a more nuanced understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

After a months-long bidding war, JetBlue Airways has agreed to buy Spirit Airlines for $3.8 billion. While Spirit shareholders have approved the buyout, the deal could still face a challenge from federal antitrust regulators.

Ruth V. Aguilera was recently elected as an Academy of Management (AOM) fellow. Since she is also a fellow of both the Strategic Management Society (SMS) and the Academy of International Business (AIB), she has earned entrance into what she calls the “Triple Crown” – an exclusive group of professionals who have made a mark in the domains of strategy, international business, and management.