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Immersive project   


that enhance your impact and boost your bottom line 

To drive value in a competitive marketplace, you need a leader's perspective on how ethical and just business practices lead to long-term success. Mine the experiences of industry leaders to build your own strategy for approaching social, environmental, and governance issues—and apply your learnings to a meaningful project where you'll make recommendations for improving a company's societal impact.

You'll hear directly from thought leaders who do this work daily. What are their challenges and their day-to-day experiences? What barriers do they face, and how do they overcome them? You'll take their experiences and build your strategy for leading for the common good—so you'll be ready to hit the ground running when you complete our program.

Marla Baskerville, Chief Diversity Officer; Associate Professor, Management and Organizational Development 

Seven-week timeline

What you'll do

  • Examine how to create value for stakeholders and take on society's biggest challenges
  • Discuss actual scenarios faced by today's leading companies, examine contrasting perspectives, debate the merits of different approaches, and analyze potential solutions 
  • Hear top business leaders share their experience in driving impact within their organization 
  • Apply what you've learned as you craft and present your plan to improve a company's societal impact  

How you'll benefit

  • Develop insight into creating organizational resilience and reducing risk by making social and environmental concerns a top priority 
  • Build a repertoire of tools for weaving social and environmental impact into your organization's DNA 
  • Craft your comprehensive philosophy for leading social and environmental impact efforts  

Businesses can create so much value beyond profitability—and successful companies put systems in place that measure their performance in terms of the good they can do. That's why you'll tackle societal challenges front and center when you earn your Online MBA.

Mary Steffel, Associate Professor, Marketing

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Earn credit for your participation in the Stakeholder Values and Societal Challenges in Business course through…

Online MBA

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