Innovate to solve a sustainability challenge


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Solutions that drive value

Gain concrete experience devising a plan to improve a business's environmental impact by encouraging consumers to buy your business's sustainable product and use or dispose of it sustainably. In this seven-week consulting challenge, you'll address a consumer-facing sustainability problem by crafting a data-driven, innovative solution—and learn firsthand how to build a more sustainable future. 

The key to transforming your business's environmental impact lies in your power to change consumer behavior for the better. We need business leaders who can inspire consumers to act more sustainably and build a better future for all of us.

Mary Steffel, Associate Professor, Marketing

Seven-week timeline

What you'll do

  • Explore best practices for enhancing your business's environmental impact
  • Conduct primary and secondary research into a consumer-facing sustainability challenge
  • Analyze your data—pulling in your learnings from your Stakeholder Values & Societal Challenges core course—to construct a business plan to change behavior and enhance your impact
  • Submit weekly deliverables as you work
  • Deliver a final recommendation in a formal presentation
  • Reflect on your successes and challenges—synthesizing your insights into a final analysis

How you'll benefit

  • Develop confidence as a champion for sustainability
  • Learn how to drive sustainable behavior change and enhance your environmental impact
  • Build a toolkit for navigating business challenges related to climate change and other environmental issues
  • Build your network among sustainability thought leaders

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Eligible programs

Earn credit for your participation in Societal Challenges in Sustainability course through…

Online MBA

Earn an MBA degree that develops your knowledge, effectiveness, and leadership abilities more deeply than traditional online MBAs—in an all-virtual, customizable format.