Design an innovative solution for workplace diversity and inclusion 


Elective credits 


Transformative project   


Solutions for a just workplace 

Laser-focus on social justice issues in the workplace—and take on a real workplace challenge related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In just seven weeks, you'll take the leap from knowledge to action—from mindful leader to inclusion champion.  Through research, analysis, and building an innovative solution, you'll address a diversity and organization problem by developing a data-driven solution to help a company better promote diversity and inclusion.

You'll grapple with social challenges that companies face in a global business environment—in a deeper, more direct way than you would by simply learning about them in a lecture or a book.

Marla Baskerville, Chief Diversity Officer; Associate Professor, Management and Organizational Development 

Seven-week timeline

What you'll do

  • Explore best practices for developing a socially conscious workplace 
  • Conduct research into a complex customer-facing DEI issue  
  • Conduct research and analyze your data—pulling in your learnings from your Stakeholder Values & Societal Challenges core course—to develop recommendations to your client 
  • Submit deliverables as you learn 
  • Deliver a final recommendation in a formal presentation and executive summary
  • Reflect on your successes and challenges—synthesizing your insights into a final analysis  

How you'll benefit

  • Gain a better understanding in DEI challenges organization's face 
  • Develop confidence in your ability to promote DEI 
  • Understand the bottom-line benefits of building DEI into your organization and supply chain
  • Become fluent in policies and best practices for a just workplace  
  • Build your network among DEI thought leaders  

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Eligible programs

Earn credit for your participation in Societal Challenges in DEI course through…

Online MBA

Earn an MBA degree that develops your knowledge, effectiveness, and leadership abilities more deeply than traditional online MBAs—in an all-virtual, customizable format.