Starting in the spring semester of your first year, you will work in a team to research and do preliminary analyses on a business issue or opportunity for a multinational company. You will travel to the company’s international location for approximately one week during which time you will conduct intense work on the consulting project; including additional research and analysis, as well as client interviews and presentations. You will need to leverage all of the foundational knowledge you will have acquired during your first year of coursework to formulate impactful recommendations. When you return to campus, you’ll finalize the consulting report and deliver it to the client.

Understanding business on a global scale is a critical skill for emerging leaders. Through this consulting project, you will gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. During the international travel, you will have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities to gain a better understanding of the region and culture.

One thing that I have found not only in the global program but also from being out in the business world on corporate residency is that the program is continuing to grow in recognition from employers.

Whitney Galusha, MBA’17

The Global Consulting Project course taught me that critical thinking, diligent research, and creating an environment where people are not afraid to share ideas are skills that can lead a team to success in any environment.

Lewis Raibley, MBA’17