Corporate Residency

Earn a salary with a top firm and build your network.

Our Full-Time MBA program offers students:

3, 6, or up to 12

months on corporate residency


average resident hourly salary

Yuliya's State Street Residency

Yuliya's State Street Residency Opens in Modal

Your corporate residency at D'Amore-McKim will boost your confidence and build your network through an intense work experience that's unique to our Full-Time MBA program. You'll work full-time at a leading firm or startup in your field and earn a salary. You'll have significant responsibilities from the moment you walk through the door and spend months immersed in the company, solving problems and building relationships with senior leadership. And you may find yourself with a job offer from your host company after your residency.

You simply won't find another MBA internship with this kind of impact. You'll make meaningful contributions to your host firm and be able to see your classroom learnings make a difference in real-time. And you'll graduate from the program with a powerful industry network already in place.

Full-Time MBA Corporate Residency Process

Full-Time Corporate Residency

Our Graduate Career Center advisors will help you find the residency opportunity that aligns perfectly with your career goals. You'll choose from three residency durations:

  • 3 months—Accelerate your degree if you're experienced in your field and aren't changing careers.
  • 6 months—Get the full residency experience and forge deep connections in your chosen field.
  • 12 months—Complete long-term initiatives with your host firm or complete two six-month residencies at different firms will build the unique skill set and network you need to advance your career.

Meet some of our employers

“When you hire externally, there's always a risk. But with Northeastern residents, we already know the quality of their work and the caliber of their education. We've challenged them, pressure-tested them, and given them tough assignments over six months on corporate residency, and found out where their strengths and weaknesses are. It just makes so much sense to hire them, and it makes for a smooth transition.”

“The residency provides us a source of talent to hire, and it gives both the MBA student and the hiring manager the ability to get familiar with each other first to see if the relationship will be a good long-term fit. There's simply less risk for hiring a resident that we already know. This workforce development model has been a big success for my company.”

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