Take on the role of a business analytics strategist

2-4 months

immersive experience*

*2-month long duration for Summer enrollment, 4 months for Fall enrollment




transformative project 

Laser-focused on solving complex business problems with data, your capstone course challenges you to ​find a data-driven solution to a problem ​​​presented by a partner company. Your project will go beyond applying academic concepts, giving you a deep understanding of how analytics influences strategic decision-making in real business scenarios.

​​In your final semester, you'll ​connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications in a business setting where your recommendations will have an impact. Projects will require you to draw upon your diverse analytics skills, including coding, data analysis, and business strategy, to ensure a comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

You'll use analytics to inform a strategic decision faced by an industry partner, giving you access to experiential learning within a classroom setting.

Kate Ashley, Associate Teaching Professor, Supply Chain and Information Management

What you'll do

  • Gather, visualize, analyze, and manage data from a company​ within D'Amore-McKim's global network​.
  • Craft a proposal leveraging ​data​ to suggest strategic actions to help position the company for success.
  • Present your recommendations to your industry leaders, faculty, and classmates and receive a comprehensive evaluation that mirrors the scrutiny and evaluation process of employees doing similar work.

For my Capstone project, I focused on mobile games and analyzed their data to make recommendations for improving or changing the games in the future. Throughout the project, I've been immersed in actual company data, which has become a helpful talking point in job interviews. This project is an impressive example of the work I can bring to the table and something that potential employers are responsive to.

Daewon Yoon, MS in Business Analytics'22

How you'll benefit

  • Showcase your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to solve complex, real-world problems professionally.
  • Gain valuable professional experience for your resumé.
  • Develop the self-knowledge and enduring confidence that only experience can provide.
  • Build relationships with employers aligned with your professional goals.


You'll be part of a team of four to six students, emphasizing the collaborative nature of​ ​analytics projects in professional settings.

D'Amore-McKim thought-leadership faculty members are pivotal in guiding and overseeing the teams, providing valuable insights and support throughout the project's lifecycle.

Yes. It's a great idea to highlight your project on your resumé to showcase your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to solve complex business problems in a professional setting.

Yes, international students participate in the required capstone project. Capstone projects do not require CPT authorization.

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MS in Business Analytics

Position yourself for leadership by learning to solve complex business problems with data in this STEM-designated program.