About Daewon

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Current Position: Financial Analyst, Samsung NeuroLogica  
Previous University: Northeastern University 
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting
Q: What led you to pursue an MS in Business Analytics at D'Amore-McKim?  

A: As a Northeastern undergraduate student, I fell in love with Boston, met many people, and built an extensive network. As graduation approached, one of my professors encouraged me to apply to the MS in Business Analytics. I chose D'Amore-McKim because I could build a data analytics skillset and prepare for a career in the field after graduating. Because I didn't have a programming or engineering background, I was glad that this program offered coursework that helped me learn to use the necessary analytical tools and technology.   

Q: Tell us about your capstone project. 

A: For my capstone project, I focused on mobile games and analyzed their data to make recommendations for improving or changing the games in the future. The courses I took in the program helped me prepare for this project by providing me with a solid foundational knowledge of business analytics. Throughout the project, I have been immersed in actual company data, which has become a helpful talking point in interviews. My capstone project is an impressive example of the work I can bring to the table and something that potential employers are responsive to.

Q: Tell me about your graduate co-op at Samsung NeuroLogica. 

A: For my graduate co-op, I worked as a business analyst at Samsung NeuroLogica. My primary role was to review my clients' transaction history and look for potential errors that needed closer examination. I created monthly reports combing our systems and data, looking for problems, and developing solutions to share with the team.  

I also completed my undergraduate co-op at Samsung, so it was great to have some established relationships. My time as a business analyst has given me experience in business analytics, problem-solving, and management.  

Q: What are your biggest takeaways from the program?

A: I am grateful that this program opened my eyes to the business world and made me curious about data and how companies use it. I've learned so much throughout my time here. After going through this program, I have better understood how to work with data. I am confident that I can bring the lessons I've learned and the skills I've gained into my future career.  

I was offered a full-time position at Samsung NeuroLogica as a financial analyst after completing my co-op. and I know the knowledge and practical experience I gained during this program will help me succeed in my new role. 

Q: What advice would you share with future students?  

A: While you're a student, build connections and make a lot of friends. Your fellow students will have a lot of talent and potential. I've learned a lot from the people I met here, and I think building these connections and expanding your student network is helpful for your career and your life. You can establish a lot of valuable connections and friendships.  


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