“Our professors were keen on introducing us to new data tools and preparing us to be agile for the changes coming in the industry.”

“I could see myself at the helm of a real estate investment firm someday, and I definitely feel I have the tools to get there thanks to the MS in Accounting.”

“The 360 Huntington Fund was one of the reasons I was so excited to come back to Northeastern. I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply the finance knowledge I was learning in the real world, and that has certainly been true,” says Connor Smith-Subecz MBA'21

Seema Korumilli, DMSB'21, is taking over our Instagram account this week. Follow along for an inside look at her D'Amore-McKim experience!

“You're making an investment in yourself, and you'll see the results of that investment probably even sooner than you think.”

“The coursework in investment analysis, portfolio management, and risk management filled in lots of gaps in my knowledge, and taught me formulas and models that I now use all the time. My technical skills have also greatly improved.”

“With so many businesses shrinking or dying off, there's a tremendous opportunity for managers with the right education to come in and help turn things around. . . . Helping a business in crisis restructure or discover a new business model is really exciting to me.”

“The finance courses are relevant to the current moment, and offer so much more than what a textbook alone can teach you. . . . Starting with the milestone of a graduate certificate, with the option to carry credits forward into a future master's degree, gave me the confidence to get started.”

Accommodating remote work trends post-COVID will be a learning curve for workplaces, say Northeastern researchers.

Some intramural sports are resuming again at Northeastern, including in-person workout sessions led by Club Gymnastics president Cara Sciorilli, DMSB'21.