About Selah

Hometown: Johns Creek, Georgia
Previous University: University at Albany, SUNY
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Psychology
Q: Tell us about your background. 

A: I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Albany as a double major in psychology and business. Halfway through college, I realized I didn't want to be a psychologist. As I was trying to decide what I wanted to pursue, I took a few accounting courses. The material was interesting and came naturally to me so I decided to explore earning a master's to gain the skills and expertise I would need to pursue it as a career.  

Q: What were you looking for when considering programs? Why did you choose D'Amore-McKim? 

A: I wanted to join a program that would help me jumpstart my career. D'Amore-McKim seemed to have a vested interest in each of its students. In contrast, other schools I was considering didn't seem to be as dedicated to preparing students for the professional world. I liked how eager Northeastern was to help and guide me toward success. Everyone at the university had my best interest at heart and wanted me to find my place and make the most of it. I really appreciated that. 

Q: Tell us about your three-month corporate residency at PwC.  

A: I was an external audit and assurance corporate resident at PwC from January to March during their busiest season. I served as an acting first-year associate for two clients—one in retail and the other in utilities. My learning was progressive. I first reviewed paperwork for my retail client and was then able to prepare those same documents for my utilities client.  

It felt great to be trusted to handle client work and perform some testing myself. I learned so much at PwC. Everyone was willing to share their knowledge, whether it was about clients, accounting, or the firm.  

I learned a lot about professionalism in my residency. I often had the opportunity to interact with clients and PwC's partners. These interactions helped me better understand what an auditor does and how to conduct client relationships.  

My experience solidified that I made the right choice in picking this program and career path. After working during the chaos of the busy season, I realized how capable I am and that I'm never alone in this industry.  

I'm grateful to say I accepted a full-time offer as an audit and assurance associate at PwC after completing my residency. My time as a corporate resident was such a great experience and taking this next step would not have been possible without D'Amore-McKim's dedication to helping me gain industry experience and build my professional network.  

Q: How will your MS in Accounting/MBA help you achieve your professional goals?   

A:  My professional goal is to rise through the ranks in public accounting to a managerial position where I can make business decisions. Eventually, I want to hold a C-suite position where I can have a seat at the table to positively impact my community. 

Accounting is a company's backbone, so my degree will help me significantly in achieving my goals. The accounting curriculum has provided a solid foundation, including how accounting is integral to business decisions. The MBA portion of my degree taught me how to work with people, manage up and down, and advocate for myself and others. I've learned how to make appropriate business decisions and be flexible and reactive to stay ahead of the competition. 

Q: What advice would you share with future students?  

A:  My advice for future students is to decide what positions and companies interest you and find the people who'll help you get there and support you. Prioritize open communication and ask for sincere, honest advice. You can only make the best decision once you have all the necessary information.  

Take advantage of earning a combined accounting and MBA degree in 15 months. The MS in Accounting/MBA is such a great program, and there are so many opportunities waiting for you in the Graduate School of Professional Accounting. Utilize your resources and soak in your experience.  

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