The D'Amore-McKim School of Business is pleased to announce the arrival of 29 full-time faculty to its impressive body of researchers, teachers, and leaders this fall. Their collective accomplishments and experiences will shape students' journeys and prepare them for future-focused global business endeavors.

“We're excited to welcome an outstanding group of scholars to the D'Amore-McKim family. Their boundary-spanning expertise in areas including consumer decision-making, digital finance, global supply chains, strategy and sustainability, and workplace mental health is poised to enhance our ability to collaborate across multiple disciplines to provide effective solutions to highly important business and societal problems,” says Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research and Professor of Finance Olubunmi (Bunmi) Faleye.

Meet our new tenure and tenure-track faculty

Santiago Caicedo

Associate Professor, Economics (joint appointment in Finance)
PhD, Economics, University of Chicago

Caicedo's research connects microdata with economic theory to study social interactions, human capital formation, economic growth and development, innovation, and organizational economics. He is currently working on projects studying the effects of demographic and labor market changes on firm productivity, innovation, and economic growth.

Da Huang

Assistant Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, University of Utah

Huang's research examines the role of institutional investors in the economy, with a particular focus on passive funds, exchange-traded funds, and high-frequency traders.

Alina Ionica Lungeanu

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies (joint appointment in Management & Organizational Development)
PhD, Technology and Social Behavior, Northwestern University, School of Communication & McCormick School of Engineering

Lungeanu's research combines insights from social science and network science to examine how team networks configure to advance the frontier of science.

Anand Nair

Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management, Jeffrey Bronstein Faculty Fellow
PhD, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Michigan State Eli Broad College of Business

Nair has worked with organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and retail on a number of issues. His research examines how firms, teams, and individuals learn, adapt, and organize to manage processes, supplies, technology, and innovation, and the associated performance implications.

Hristina Nikolova

Associate Professor, Marketing (joint appointment in Communication Studies)
PhD, Marketing, University of Pittsburgh

Nikolova's research focuses on dyadic decision-making, interpersonal relationships, and data-driven consumer welfare interventions. Specifically, Nikolova has two research streams: (1) the influence of dyadic decision-making contexts (e.g., decisions made jointly by two partners, such as choosing a restaurant/movie, buying a home, or making long-term retirement choices together) on consumer behavior (her primary area of research expertise and interest); and (2) data-driven consumer welfare interventions.

Professor Nikolova

Kunyuan Qiao

Assistant Professor, International Business & Strategy (joint appointment in Sociology & Anthropology)
PhD, Management, Cornell University

Qiao is interested in understanding how history, geography, and institutions may affect present-day international business and strategy.

Shane Schweitzer

Assistant Professor, Management & Organizational Development
PhD, Management and Organizations, Northwestern University

Schweitzer studies the psychology of technology, specifically, how people perceive advanced technologies and how technology changes the way people perceive other humans. He investigates the consequences of these processes for organizational ethics, social connection, and emotion.

Meet our new non-tenure-track faculty

Adonis Antoniades

Associate Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Economics, Columbia University

Antoniades' research portfolio includes work in banking, law and finance, and machine learning. Recent work examines the U.S. commercial banking sector's experience during the Great Recession, providing empirical evidence on the influence of liquidity and real estate risks on bank lending and solvency. His professional background spans finance academia, central banking, and, earlier, machine learning research.

Gastón de los Reyes

Associate Teaching Professor, International Business & Strategy
PhD, Ethics & Legal Studies, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

de los Reyes studies and teaches international business and strategy with a particular interest in questions of governance, ethics, and sustainability. Before his Ph.D., he practiced corporate law, representing Latin American companies in Wall Street deals.

headshot of Gastón de los Reyes

Netanel Drori

Associate Teaching Professor, International Business & Strategy
PhD, Business Administration, Business, Bar-Ilan University

Drori's research examines how industry-level factors influence firms' growth strategies in terms of degree and scope.

Jared Flake

Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting
PhD, Accounting, Boston College

Flake's research interests lie in the intersection of voluntary disclosure and information intermediaries, particularly in the incentives and consequences around managers' disclosure choices and their interactions with sell-side analysts and investors.

Man smiling at camera with grey background

Debashish Ghose

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Business Administration (Marketing), Fox School of Business, Temple University

Ghose's research focuses on business analytics, digital marketing, marketing management, database marketing, consumer behavior, fake news, interface design, social media, advertising, and choice architecture.

Aleks Gollu

Associate Teaching Professor, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
PhD, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley

Gollu's teaching and research interests fall in the areas of entrepreneurship, product management, corporate strategy, supply chain, transportation, and large-scale system management.

Aleks Gollu

Joseph Henry

Associate Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, The Pennsylvania State University

Henry's research interests include initial public offerings (IPOs) and shareholder payouts. He also maintains an interest in the use of financial technology (FinTech) to deliver financial services and alter business models.

Sonja Hightower

Associate Teaching Professor, Accounting
PhD Candidate in Accounting, G. Brint Ryan College of Business, University of North Texas

Hightower's research interests include audit regulations and their impact on capital markets and the audit profession. She has over 20 years of work experience in accounting, finance, and banking.

Norman Jacknis

Professor of the Practice, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
PhD, Princeton University

Jacknis has extensive experience implementing technologies for local and state governments.

Headshot of Norman Jacknis wearing a blue shirt, tie, and blazer.

Evodio Kaltenecker

Associate Teaching Professor, International Business & Strategy
PhD, University of São Paulo

Kaltenecker's research focuses on global strategy, Latin American issues, geopolitics, and international business.

Manasvi Kumar

Visiting Assistant Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD, Management Information Systems, University of Arizona

Kumar's research interests include behavioral and business analytics and human-computer interaction.

Mengchao Ai

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Ai's research interests include empirical corporate finance and sustainability-related topics.

Osnat (Ossi) Mokryn

Visiting Teaching Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD, Computer Science, The Hebrew University

Mokryn's research focuses on the use of Information Theory for compact data representation and its applications, cognition in interaction systems and behavioral research, and network science.

Larissa Pacheco

Assistant Teaching Professor, International Business & Strategy
PhD, Strategy and International Business, Fundação Getulio Vargas

Pacheco's research interests lie on the intersection of firms' nonmarket strategies and interdependencies with formal and informal institutions in Latin America.

Xiaochuan Tong

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, University of Massachusetts Boston

Tong's research interests relate to topics of behavioral research in finance; particularly, the psychological and sociological perspectives of finance.

Alexey Vasilenko

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Vasilenko's research interests are in household finance, education finance, and empirical asset pricing.

Xiupeng Wang

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD, Economics, University of Connecticut

Wang's research primarily focuses on the impact of emerging technologies, particularly recent advances in information technologies on firms and the labor market.

Kelly Wellman

Lecturer, Accounting
PhD Candidate, Accounting, University of Central Florida

Wellman's research interests focus on data visualization and its use in management decision-making.

Yi Yin

Assistant Teaching Professor, Marketing
PhD, Marketing, University of Texas at San Antonio

Yin's research focuses on market strategy. She uses empirical modeling and machine learning to study topics in digital marketing, advertising, and marketing-finance interface.

Yi Yin, Marketing professor