About Alexander

Hometown: Beverly, Massachusetts   
Previous University: United States Coast Guard Academy  
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Marine and Environmental Science 
Q: What did you do before coming to Northeastern? 

A: I graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 2012. Since then, I've been an active-duty Coast Guard officer stationed throughout the country. I specialize in response ashore, which is search and rescue and law enforcement for the Coast Guard. I manage the teams that execute those missions.  

I am currently on active duty, on leave for graduate school. I chose to earn my Full-Time MBA to build the executive leadership and management the Coast Guard will expect of me as a senior officer in the future. 

Q: How has your military background prepared you to be a graduate student? 

A: My military time has translated to my education well. The military is structured and rigorous, and so is the Northeastern MBA program. The expectations from professors and the program are clear; you know what to expect each day, and you understand the learning objectives. The structure I received in the military was similar, and this background has helped me adapt to life as a graduate student.  

Q: What concentration(s) are you pursuing? 

A: To further my management career in the Coast Guard, I am pursuing two concentrations–supply chain management and leading people and organizations. The supply chain concentration fits well with the military. We need to understand our supply chain and where materials are coming from and foresee obstacles we might face. The supply chain management courses I've taken prepared me to understand the mission planning side of the Coast Guard. The leadership concentration and coursework will be helpful as I continue my time in the Coast Guard and management positions. Leadership is a skill demanded of military personnel as you lead teams of various sizes through different missions and goals. My concentration has introduced a lot of new techniques and skills to help me best manage those teams. 

Q: How has your coursework prepared you for your corporate residency? 

A: I am in a unique position–the Coast Guard has allowed me these two years to earn my MBA, and then I will pay the Coast Guard back for the time by serving in a financial management position. My corporate residency was within the Coast Guard. I was assigned financial and accounting projects to complete, and this work will line up with my job duties when I return to active duty in the summer of 2024. The opportunity to apply what I've learned in my classes has been a perfect fit; I've been able to sharpen my skills and ready myself for a sustained military career. My courses in accounting and finance have given me a solid background, and my supply management and leadership courses have built upon that foundation.  

Q: What advice do you have for future students? 

A: Be prepared to hit the ground running and work hard. Take advantage of your opportunity to connect with your classmates and professors. Ask questions and utilize the exceptional network that you have access to. Your time in this program is valuable, and you should make the best of all opportunities provided to you. This program is a great fit for servicemembers and individuals seeking to build their business and leadership skills and design a corporate residency that works for them and their future careers.  

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