About Tyler

Hometown: Franconia, New Hampshire, USA   
Previous University: University of New Hampshire 
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Geography and International Affairs
Q: Tell us about your background.

A: I was an athlete on the U.S. Paralympic Alpine Ski team. I was a successful skier but after 15 years of skiing, I wanted to use my brain in a different way, and I started to think about what I could do next. I hoped to pursue a more sustainable career, something I was passionate about and could do for a long time. I had a bachelor's degree and some work experience from short-term internships, but I knew I wanted to learn more and deepen my experience. That desire led me to the Full-Time MBA at Northeastern, where I hoped to build my foundation and understanding of modern business practices and prepare for my next career move.   

Q: Tell me about your student experience at D'Amore-McKim.

A: I've had a great student experience. The Northeastern community is remarkably diverse; there are people from all over the world with vastly different backgrounds. Studying alongside these students has been fantastic and a great way to build my global network. The environment at Northeastern is inclusive and all students are treated with respect.  

When working on a group project, everyone's unique perspectives are valued and yield dynamic end results. Northeastern encourages collaboration, and you learn to solve problems as a team and trust others.   

In the Full-Time MBA program, we all have different goals but still work together. My communication and collaborative skills have improved greatly throughout this program. Working towards my MBA has helped me realize that I can solve problems, meet deadlines, provide insights, and work with others. This program has allowed me to realize my potential. 

Q: How has your identity as a U.S. Paralympic skier impacted your role as a graduate student?   

A: My identity as a student and professional athlete connects on several levels. I wish I had the knowledge I have now when I was skiing and managing sponsorships. Sponsorship is all about creating a positive and healthy image for brands to support. I was constantly trying to figure out where to add value and ways companies could invest in me. In business and skiing, you deal with people and learn how to form relationships. You're learning to pitch yourself, sell your story, and add value through relationships. My MBA has allowed me to more deeply understand sponsorships, what businesses consider as they position and expand their brands, and I am now better able to represent and advocate for myself.  

A lot of ski racing comes down to pure physical talent and putting yourself out there. As a result of my athletic background, I am willing to take chances, push myself, and be more confident as a student. The courses I've taken so far and the experience I've gained have taught me how to make impactful business decisions and envision success in my business career. 

Q: You completed your corporate residency at IDEXX. Could you talk about your experience there?      

A: During my corporate residency at IDEXX where I worked as a supply chain analyst, I enjoyed learning how the business worked, how I could make an impact, and developing business relationships. At IDEXX, I worked on a lot of supplier relationship management issues. I learned the systems they've developed and reviewed lots of company data. My colleagues helped me through the work and were willing to contextualize the data by explaining their processes. I analyzed these processes and made improvements based on my findings. Everyone I worked with was willing to help me learn and eager to see me make an impact in their supply chain management. Overall, it was a great experience.  

Q: How will your corporate residency empower you to reach your professional goals?

A: As a result of my corporate residency, I experienced a variety of work environments, and I feel that I've built an understanding of the many facets of business. I am interested in supply chain and corporate finance, and after being a Northeastern MBA student, I feel comfortable in my ability and being able to sell myself as an asset to future employers. My corporate residency has taught me a lot about interpersonal business relationships, and I am confident that this experience will help me succeed in future roles. 

Q: What advice would you share with future students?

A: Pursuing an MBA is a fantastic way to broaden your foundational knowledge and gain a better understanding of how the business world works. The D'Amore-McKim MBA provides practical experience and learning. I think that if you want to change careers, transition to a new role, or simply elevate your skills, an MBA is super valuable, and this program supports its students through that process.   

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