“I found out about Northeastern through word-of-mouth, and was really attracted to the fact that the school has a great experience-driven curriculum and corporate residency program. All of those things led me to Northeastern. And I have to say, I made a great choice.”

“D’Amore-McKim exposes its students to real-world business problems at highly reputed organizations, going beyond classroom walls. That is highly sought-after and valued in the market.”

“Many other business programs tend to attract people from similar backgrounds. But with D’Amore-McKim, students don’t just have finance backgrounds—they’re people who’ve worked with nonprofits, with hospitals, or even the U.S. Army. Everyone here is so different. I think that really helped make me feel at home.”

Khailah Nichole-Robin Griffin drew from her own experiences while launching UnorthoDOCx, a nonprofit organization that helps non-traditional pre-medical students. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

“If you’re an international student, [Northeastern] offers many ways to get involved on campus. But you must challenge yourself every day, stay open-minded, and be willing to step out of your comfort zone.”

“If you’re going into a new industry like I am, don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable because that’s a part of the process.”

Madison Mailey, DMSB’18, a former rowing star at Northeastern, will row in the Olympics for Canada this year.

“After researching various options, I decided Northeastern would be the best fit because of its diverse and welcoming community. I wanted to be at a university where I could interact with and learn from peers with perspectives and experiences that differ from mine…I’m glad I have the chance to do this at Northeastern.”

These business students founded a space to support their fellow LGBTQA peers in the workplace.

“Already in the first few months as a new associate, I have felt the effects of how the corporate residency put me a step ahead of others.”

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