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Manit Ghogar, DMSB ’17, went from zero to 100 in the span of a year as the head of Carro, an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of used cars.

Meet our new full-time professors who have joined D’Amore-McKim’s community this fall.

Northeastern graduates Jim Dietz (left) and Mark Wilson have been running international rowing camps for 20 years.

A brother and sister, both Northeastern alumni, have teamed up to modernize a clothing accessory that some say is on the historical fringe of fashion.

An illustration of new research by Venkat Kuppuswamy, who is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Northeastern University, highlights Kuppuswamy’s key finding: Customers are less willing to pay top dollar for a product made by a black entrepreneur than they are for the same product made by a white entrepreneur.

The 2019 Northeastern University Women Who Empower symposium, held March 1, featured powerful female voices that included D’Amore-McKim faculty and alumnae. This year’s theme was, “Advancing Women in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Policy.”

EXPLORAC is a website where people can go to learn native, insider knowledge about a travel destination.

“Northeastern is a leader in experiential learning, which is the necessary basis for learning how to be a value creator. They understand that to have a long, productive career in our global innovation economy, value-creation skills are essential,” Carlson says.

Chocolate milk isn’t just for kids anymore! Josh Belinsky, DMSB’17, and Manny Lubin, CAMD’15, founded Slate, a company that makes chocolate milk with less sugar and more protein. Belinksy and Lubin have received support from IDEA, Northeastern University’s student-led venture accelerator, and now 25 students are conducting market research for the company as part of Keith Smith’s course.