The Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Group offers an array of courses in both innovation and entrepreneurship topics that prepare our students to become entrepreneurs or agents of change and progress in established organizations. At the undergraduate level, our entrepreneurship programs are divided into four areas: corporate innovation, entrepreneurial startups, family business, and social innovation & entrepreneurship. Minors and major concentrations are both available. At the graduate level, E&I offers two concentrations in the MBA program: entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. In addition, the group offers the MS in Innovation which focuses on corporate innovation.  

Teaching and Program Excellence

We have a rich set of undergraduate and graduate courses. Most of our faculty – even the active researchers – have either started companies, been investors in startups, or have operating experience in high growth ventures. Others still are consultants to leading technology companies in different industries. These characteristics imbue “real-world” value that students can take with them beyond the classroom. Read through our faculty bios to gain a more detailed picture of the wisdom and experience these industry leaders bring to Entrepreneurship & Innovation courses. 

Practice Orientation

We have many exciting corporate residencies in small companies in the Boston area including high-growth technology ventures in software, biotechnology, healthcare, and energy and also in more traditional sectors such as retail, commercial real estate development, and financial services. Our faculty are the leaders of the Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education (NUCEE) and the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI). Many of our faculty serve as advisors to IDEA (Northeastern's student-led venture accelerator), the Entrepreneurs Club, and many other student-led initiatives.

We encourage our students to use our courses as canvases where early-stage concepts or ideas can be developed into a cogent, well-conceived business plan, or as a well-formulated innovation strategy for an established firm. For students who create business plans in our courses, they can take their business plans to IDEA, where our knowledgeable faculty advisors can guide them through the venture accelerator process and suggest additional courses which will help further refine their business plan and existing concept. At any given moment, we have over 400 student-led ventures in the first stage of our venture accelerator. Ventures that have progressed through all the gates of IDEA and successfully launched have raised over $100 Million in venture capital funds. This entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the most dynamic and successful in the world, and available to all students and alumni.

The environment we seek to create both in our courses and in our many on-campus centers and student-led programs is one of innovative and entrepreneurial curiosity. We believe we are helping to cultivate the minds of future innovators and industry leaders who will change the world.