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Since its founding in 2020, the Women in Finance Trek has connected female finance concentrators with alumni while immersing them in the financial services world of New York City.

Two exceptional D'Amore-McKim seniors were named among the 100 Best & Brightest Business Majors by Poets&Quants For Undergrads.

Poets & Quants

“The impact of integrating analytics into real estate is profound. While the financial benefits may take time, the immediate payoff has been a shift in the mindset of our team. We're embracing a more data-driven approach, and this evolution is giving us a competitive edge.” – Matt Ramey, Real Estate Broker at Concept Properties

“Our graduate co-op started her role at a critical time after a team member had recently left the company. We needed time to find the right new hire and fell behind on essential projects. She quickly proved competent and conscientious, allowing us to give her more complex projects progressively. During her three months with us, she brought us up to date on our projects and ensured a smooth transition for our new hire.” – Sylvia Konopka, Accounting Manager at Trillium Flow Technologies

“I can now confidently make decisions that positively impact the company's future.”
– Avik Vimal, MBA'24

“It's a culmination of the work I've been doing throughout college—advocacy and a lot of journalism that started in high school,” says the Business Administration and Communications Studies combined major.

“This is the first space in D'Amore-McKim that highlights Black graduates and professionals and provides a forum for Black students to grow, exchange ideas, network, and build camaraderie,” says Amari Hanberry, MBA'25.

Shirley Wang, a second-year student, runs a marketing agency fully staffed with other Gen Zers and serving underrepresented entrepreneurs.


After finding her career path, Alexa LaRue offers fellow students experiential learning in sales and trading, and potentially be recruited by banks.