Power your learning with experience

Integrating classroom instruction and academic thinking with authentic, experience-powered learning is what we do best at D’Amore-McKim. It’s an approach that expands your knowledge base, develops your creative mindset, and prepares you to meet the shifting demands of today’s business world.

As an MS in International Management student, you can expect experience to shape your learning and propel you in your career. Our unique “Make Your Case” consulting program headlines the available opportunities—you’ll tackle a real business issue faced by a company aligned with your career aspirations, building your storytelling and case-writing skills, polishing your problem-solving techniques, and giving you inside exposure to leaders in your chosen industry.

“I wrote a case study on a business in Barcelona that builds fire safety systems for companies in 40 countries worldwide. I analyzed whether the company should expand into the South African or the U.S. market. At the end of the project, I presented my analysis and recommendations as if I were her consultant. This project wasn’t just a hypothetical exercise—it took my education to a whole new level of realness.”

Stephanie Manna, MS in International Management‘20

That’s just one of the ways experience will reinforce your learning. In this program you can…

  • Benefit from the rich experience of faculty who are highly respected practitioners in the fields of international business and strategy.
  • Apply your learnings regularly through project-based work that sharpens your thinking and builds your confidence.
  • Have opportunities to participate in other signature Northeastern experiences, such as joining the management team of a real mutual fund in the university’s endowment, the student-led 360 Huntington Fund; applying for an elective course abroad to immerse yourself in the business practices and economy of another country; or launching a business or consulting on a startup with IDEA, Northeastern’s student-led venture accelerator.

Apply to be part of the team that recommends stocks and manages investments for the 360 Huntington Fund. Launched in 2008, this nearly $1 million student-managed mutual fund represents experiential learning in its purest form.

Starting your own business venture? Work with mentors and access financial, marketing, and communications support—or put your expertise into practice and mentor a startup yourself.

Get intense exposure to the global business environment with this elective course, which immerses you in the business practices and culture of another country.

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