About Kexin

Hometown: Huangshi, Hubei Province, China
Previous University: Shanxi University of Finance and Economics
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor's degree in Business English
Q: What made you decide to pursue your master's degree in International Management at Northeastern?

A: My goal is to secure a position in global hospitality management. Earning my master's in international management will compliment my undergraduate background and prepare me for the career that I want. A master's degree is also highly respected in my culture.

Northeastern is famous for its experiential learning and preparing students for job opportunities. I hope to work in the U.S. post-graduation, and the many opportunities offered at D'Amore-McKim to participate in real industry projects and networking events will help me gain experience that will help me launch my career.

Q: Tell us about your “Make your case” consulting experience.

A: For my “Make my case” consulting project, I worked on a small team to advise a Northeastern alum who founded Drink Simple, an organic beverage company that sells maple water. Our task was to build a marketing campaign to boost sales by raising product awareness and providing market education about the misconception that maple sap is a sugary, unhealthy product. I did a lot of research on the healthy beverage industry. My marketing professor mentored us and gave us unique insights into the market. We isolated the root cause of why Drink Simple' hasn't broken through the market and made recommendations for solutions. Our client loved our ideas for her brand and has expressed interest in putting them into action.

“Make Your Case” gave me the confidence and skillset to carry out impactful marketing campaigns and build a brand's image. I'm excited to put this experience on my resume.

Q: What was your experience participating in a “Consult-a-thon”?

A: During the Consult-a-thon, I was responsible for interviewing a client and boosting their company's online presence and engagement through videos and digital marketing. As a former blogger, I enjoyed the opportunity to return to that creative process, work with a real business, and put theory into practice. After the Consult-a-thon ended, our client asked my team to move forward with implementing our proposed solution. That is rewarding.

This hands-on experience has been so impactful for me and has given me confidence in myself to use all of the skills I've learned in this program.

Q: How has your master's prepared you to achieve your professional goals?

A: My graduate experience has granted me not only theoretical knowledge but helped me develop my communication skills, leadership mindset, and confidence. Through my studies, I served as a Teacher's Assistant, reinforced my passion for digital marketing with my Consult-a-thon project, and worked with Drink Simple for my “Make Your Case” project. Through these experiences I've learned how to negotiate, problem-solve, talk to clients, and adopt a professional and driven attitude.

Having these real-life scenarios to show potential employers how I apply what I've learned has already improved my confidence in interviews. That speaks to the power of Northeastern and its ability to set its students up for success.

Q: What advice would you share with future students?

A: Your courses won't just serve as a pathway for a master's degree. View them as your stepping-stones for your future employability. Don't ever underestimate yourself—whatever you want to do, try it. The whole Northeastern community is here to support you while you're exploring new interests and opportunities. So don't worry.

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