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Being a leader in today's turbulent global business world is challenging, but also extremely rewarding. And having the skills to navigate that world—such as resilience, critical thinking, and appreciation for diversity—makes you a valued asset.

Your ability to manage global teams and operate expertly across cultures can elevate you to a significant role in just about any industry or international location you choose. Employers especially value the signature D'Amore-McKim emphasis on the role of data and technology in the global marketplace, which is one reason D'Amore-McKim graduates are highly recruited by top firms, multinational businesses, and startups.

Depending on your work background, your MS in International Management degree can prepare you to pursue many different types of positions, including leadership roles in multinational firms, managerial roles in international operations, or international business development roles in entrepreneurial companies. Examples:

  • Export Manager or Executive
  • Global Business Manager
  • International Business Development Manager
  • International Finance Manager
  • International Logistics Manager
  • International Business Development Manager
  • International Finance Manager
  • International Business Consultant

Graduate Career Center

Offering our master's degree students and alumni a solid pathway to expand their networks and identify new career opportunities.

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Graduate Career Center advisors will help you reach your goals

As you move through the MS in International Management program, you'll partner with a dedicated advisor from the Graduate Career Center to begin your job search. The support of Career Services staff includes these valuable tools and events:

  • Coaching from your advisor to develop a job search strategy and career plan
  • Networking and informational interviews with alumni who share insights on industry trends and skills needed to be successful in their fields
  • Workshops and webinars on best practices for building a personal brand and professional network
  • Resume and cover letter review, mock interviews, and networking events with partner firms

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One of the most valuable benefits of your master's degree at Northeastern is the chance to become part of our elite alumni network. As you study and participate in experience-fueled learning projects, you'll make connections that can last a lifetime with peers in the classroom, distinguished guest speakers, and faculty mentors.

You'll join a large and energetic group of MBA alumni from D'Amore-McKim, numbering more than 58,000 members, as well as 300,000+ Northeastern grads who enjoy giving back to the community. Our alumni network spans 181 countries, with members who regularly connect through events, programs, services, chapters, volunteering, and more.

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