Q: Would you recommend Northeastern's Online MBA to your peers?

A: I would definitely recommend the Online Northeastern program because of the amazing faculty, the flexibility, the student support, and also you never feel alone even though you are working at a computer in your own home. Every class had some sort of group aspect. So even though we weren't face to face, we were chatting. We were emailing. We were on video conferences together. And I felt like I got to know a lot of my peers on a personal level as well.

Q:Why is now the right time to pursue Northeastern's Online MBA?

A:I picked now to be part of the Online MBA program because there was never going to be a good time to start, so I really just had to jump in. And I was transitioning from my career in active duty military to a civilian career. And that really solidified my need to start the program.

Q:Why did you choose Northeastern University's Online MBA?

A:I picked Northeastern because of the student services. They reached out to me during the recruiting and admissions process. And they really made me feel comfortable about being taken care of, because I knew I was going to be very busy with the transition and with my family growing. And I wanted somebody who would understand those changes in my life and help me complete the classes. I was in the online program throughout my whole pregnancy through labor and delivery and through at least six months of my child's life.

Q:Tell us about your most memorable experience during your MBA journey?

A:My most memorable experience was working very late at night with my newborn, turning in an assignment, and being able to accomplish something while still being a mom. That was really important to me. And even though it was difficult, I felt like I came out stronger because I could be a professional and I could be a mom. And I felt like I could do anything.