Q:What are you studying at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business and when do you plan to graduate?

A:I am pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Operations & Supply Chain Management.

Q:What skills are you building at D'Amore-McKim that you will use in your future career?

A:I am excited to be developing a wide range of skills, but particularly in the areas of transportation logistics and business analytics.

Q:Why did you choose D'Amore-McKim?

A:I chose D'Amore-McKim for its great reputation as a world renowned school of business.

Q:What would you say to a prospective student considering D'Amore-McKim for their business degree?

A:D'Amore-McKim truly has the best of everything. It has one of the highest ranked programs in the nation and is supported by professors who are extremely passionate about their work and their students.

Q:Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

A:In the short-term, I plan to transition into D'Amore-McKim's part time MBA program, with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. In 5 years I hope to be in a top management position, helping my corporation increase its supply chain efficiency in order to save millions of dollars in operation costs.

Q:How does your experience in military service shape your career track or correlate with a business career?

A:I am extremely grateful to have served in the U.S. Army. Having joined the military at the age of 35, most people would agree I joined very late. However, as I see it, the U.S. military gave me the opportunity to start my life over. In Kenya where I am originally from, I would have been long retired by the age of 35. Now, with the education I am currently acquiring from Northeastern, my future is a lot brighter.

Q:Tell me about working with Northeastern University's Veterans Affairs office.

A:I can say from personal experience that Northeastern University's Veterans Affairs office is very helpful to veterans. I have been impressed with their quality of work, and will always remember the efforts they made throughout the semester to ensure that my registration certification was done correctly and on time.