About Parth

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Previous University: Mithibai College of Arts Chauhan Institute of Science and A.J. College of Commerce and Economics
Undergraduate Degree:  Bachelor's degree in Financial Markets
Q: Why did you decide to pursue a master's in finance?

A:  I completed my undergraduate degree in India and worked as an equity research analyst at a stockbroking firm for two years. I focused on the valuation side of the business and valued public companies. My knowledge of finance was fairly niched to the Indian capital markets and finance, and I wanted to gain a broader understanding of global finance and international markets.  

I chose Northeastern's MS in Finance (Quantitative Finance) program because of the flexibility to complete the program in a year or extend my studies and complete the program in 16 months. This flexibility made it possible to take the elective classes I wanted. The number of relevant finance clubs and groups that I'd be able to join at Northeastern also stood out. I knew I wanted to get involved and build my experience while a student. The 360 Huntington Fund helped me grow my skills. 

The strong alumni network also convinced me that this was the right program for me. Immediately, I was able to build connections with people in finance and learn about their post-grad experiences.  

Q: Tell us about building investment experience through the 360 Huntington Fund.

A:  The 360 Huntington Fund gave me valuable experience that I leverage when interviewing for full-time positions. Initially, I joined the Fund as an analyst. My time in this role helped me become efficient at stock pitching. I also practiced conducting the fundamental and technical research work as I worked up a particular stock. It was beneficial to gain this experience as it gave me more holistic financial knowledge and expanded my equity research and portfolio management skills.  

I earned a promotion to sector manager, where I managed a team of 14 analysts and developed my skills further, especially as a leader. I mentored the analysts by sharing my thoughts and reviewing their valuations. Overall, the 360 Huntington Fund helped me grow as an individual. 

Q: How did you build your fintech skills? 

A:  My classes helped me understand key financial concepts and build my technical skillset. I learned to work in Bloomberg Terminal, which is extensively used in the industry. I took on projects that gave me a deeper understanding of market trends, analysis, and how investment positions are made. As a part of my portfolio management class, I became Bloomberg Market Concepts certified, which helped my resume stand out. I also learned Python in my data analytics class which gave me the technical background to further my fintech skills. All this knowledge has prepared me for my work as a financial analyst. 

Q: How has the Graduate Career Center supported you? 

A:  My career goal was to work in the U.S. as a financial analyst after graduation.  

The mentorship from the Graduate Career Center really helped me. I joined their talent advisory groups and participated in resume labs, where they helped me build my resume and cover letter.  

The Graduate Career Center supported me throughout the program and offered opportunities to meet with alumni and industry leaders in my field. Growing my network in investment finance is really important, and I couldn't have done this without their help.  

Q: What advice would you share with future students? 

A:   The finance industry is competitive, but there are a lot of openings out there. Focus on enjoying your experience at Northeastern and take advantage of your resources.  

Join the finance clubs, participate in the career center's networking events, leverage LinkedIn, and build your connections. If you're an international student, the Office of Global Services is also an excellent resource for understanding the different aspects of working post-graduation. All these steps taken together will help you land your dream job. 

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