About Vidita

Hometown: Karanjia, Odisha
Undergraduate University: KIIT School of Management
Undergraduate Degree: BA in Business Administration
Previous Graduate Degree: MBA
Q: What was your background before deciding to pursue an advanced degree in fintech?

A: I'm from India. While living there, I completed my BA in Business Administration and my MBA. I worked at both Morgan Stanley and BlackRock as a hedge fund administrator. I moved to the United States after I got married to join my husband, who was already living here.

Northeastern was the top school that I considered in Boston. When I visited, I got great support from the faculty and staff, especially the admissions team. I met with my advisors for an hour, and I felt like they were genuinely invested in my career. They weren't just looking to admit me; they wanted to support and guide me.

After spending so many years working as a hedge fund administrator, I decided that it was time to increase my skillset and gain more finance knowledge. I wanted to learn more about newer financial technology like data analytics and really understand it, rather than just the practical experience I'd gained through my job.

Q: Tell me about your experience with the 360 Huntington Fund.

A: I'm the Chief Accounting Officer for the 360 Huntington Fund, Northeastern's student-managed mutual fund. I originally applied for a position in the fund to earn academic credit. But since I enjoyed my experience so much, I decided to continue working with the fund and take on a more prominent leadership role.

When I initially considered joining the fund, I was hesitant. I thought I needed to learn all of the applicable concepts and knowledge first. But the other members of the fund helped guide me; they're there to help you learn. It wouldn't be a problem if someone wanted to jump right in and start at the fund immediately. 

In my first spring semester, I started as an analyst. I learned how to make a stock pitch, review a stock, and make an earnings report. I realized I wanted to continue learning more, which led me to consider the management position. I became a sector manager for the summer semester and handled the evaluation models of other students. After completing that role, I was promoted to a managerial position for the fall semester. It's incredible and enlightening to be working in a student-run fund.

Q: How did your coursework inform your real-world business experience?

A: I studied corporate finance and investment analysis in my classes, which taught me how to do evaluations and stock pricing. I apply those to my work with the 360 Huntington Fund all the time.

I had decided to transition in my career from operational finance to pursue the technical side of the industry, so in my time at Northeastern, I wanted to be exploring the more detailed side of finance.

Northeastern has designed the course curriculum very well. You get a mix of finance and fintech courses, which is necessary to succeed in the modern business world. You also get great elective options, so you can customize the program to meet your goals.

One of the most interesting classes I took was investment analysis, where I familiarized myself with various investment techniques. I brushed up on my skills and truly understood how to apply calculations to the financial world. The best part of my Northeastern experience was the innovative projects and assignments I took on, which helped me think out of the box.

Q: What are your long-term career goals? 

A: I'm moving out west to Seattle because of my husband's job. Once I've settled there, I hope to get into a management rotation program for the corporate industry. Rotational programs would allow me to move around different jobs within the same company or try different work assignments under the same employer, so I can try new things.

My quantitative finance degree has helped me gain so many skills, and I feel confident about applying what I've learned to real financial challenges. That's why I'm keeping myself open to whatever comes my way. I could be an equity research analyst, credit analyst, or even a real estate analyst.

Q: What is your biggest takeaway from your D'Amore-McKim experience?

A: I'm a lifelong learner. Rather than staying in my previous job, I decided to continue growing and learning by enrolling in this program. After I graduate, I want to continue honing my skills through online study or even through part-time courses with Northeastern.

The financial industry is continuously evolving, and to stay up-to-date with industry trends, I have to dedicate myself to education.

Q: What advice would you give a future student?

A: Do not take your studies lightly. The courses are rigorous, and they require hard work. You have to give your best from the beginning. Also, be open to all the opportunities available to you.

I've met some really great people here at Northeastern. As an international student, I was skeptical about making good friends, but I was able to make forever friends in such a short time.

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