About Matthew

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Current Position: Audit Associate, Grant Thorton
Previous University: Castleton University
Undergraduate Degree: Accounting and Business Administration
Q: What inspired you to pursue a master's degree in accounting?

A: I had taken business classes in high school, and I was always a number and math guy. Through my undergraduate degree, I realized accounting isn't just processing transactions; it's about really understanding what a business is all about. In the accounting field, it's important to separate yourself from your peers if you hope to move up in public accounting. A master's degree helps you do that. I knew I wanted to work at a public accounting firm in Boston, so I started looking for a program that would help me prepare for my CPA exam and fulfill the 150-credit hour requirement for licensure so I could begin my career as soon as possible.

Q: What made you choose Northeastern University, specifically the MS in Accounting program?

A: I know other programs that follow a more traditional fall and spring semester schedule, but that doesn't typically line up with public accounting hiring schedules. I wanted to make sure I could start working as soon as possible. The MS in Accounting at Northeastern is an accelerated program that allowed me to graduate in December and start working right away during accounting's busy season.   

Q: How do you feel your D'Amore-McKim education has set you apart?

A: Because of my time at D'Amore-McKim, I know a lot more about accounting, but it was really my relationships with my professors that helped propel my career. The faculty are uniquely qualified to share their experiences and insights, and that has shaped my understanding of the industry. Not only that, but my advisor was instrumental in helping me secure a job before graduation.

Q: Do you have any advice for future Northeastern students?

A: Don't feel overwhelmed. Take things in the moment, and before you know it, you're going to be wrapping up your degree and will be way more prepared than you think coming in and ready to take the next step. Yes, this is an accelerated program, but be sure you take the time to experience Boston and take advantage of everything Northeastern has to offer—from networking opportunities to the expert faculty.  

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