About Ian

Hometown: Hanson, Massachusetts  
Current Position: Audit Associate, KPMG  
Previous University: Northeastern University 
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting  
Q: Why did you choose to earn your Master's in Accounting at Northeastern? 

A: I was an undergraduate accounting major at Northeastern and heard about the MS in Accounting from one of my professors. I wanted to become a certified public accountant (CPA), and this program fulfills the exam's 150 credit hours requirement. I liked that I could complete the program in seven months, and when I graduate, I'll have the credit hours and the preparation I need to sit for my CPA exam. 

I have a full-time job offer at KPMG, and my supervisors were very supportive and encouraged me to complete this program before starting at the company. This degree, combined with my CPA certification, will give me the skills to hit the ground running and assist clients and team members to the best of my ability.  

Q: How will an MS in Accounting prepare you for your professional goals?

A: I have taken various courses in areas like audit, tax, and forensic accounting that have helped me build the skills I will need going into my role as an Audit Associate. My forensic accounting course taught me a lot about the dos and don'ts of accounting and helped me understand business and accounting in a broader sense. It helped to reaffirm my passion for accounting and kept me excited. I think having this sense of excitement is equally as important as technical knowledge. 

I also had many opportunities to network with guest speakers, who offered me their professional mentorship and offered to help me acclimate when I started my new role. Because many of my professors had previous work experience at the Big Four firms, when I began working at KPMG, they also helped me get to know people in the company so I could start with strong connections.   

Q: How did this program level up your accounting knowledge?

A: As a student pursuing a master's in accounting, I was really interested in furthering my knowledge. This program has helped me develop a more well-rounded accounting skillset. My courses were intellectually challenging and pushed me to learn advanced accounting principles and develop a firm grasp of the accounting code of ethics that will be important throughout my career. I was given case studies that emulated projects I would take on working in an accounting firm that allowed me to develop the practical and technical skills I would need after graduation. This experience provided me with practical knowledge that has made me more confident heading into my role at KPMG. 

Q: What advice do you have for future students?    

A: Be confident. A task might seem daunting, but everything will work out if you trust yourself. Don't be afraid to speak with professors. They have a lot of experience and are there to help you learn. Make friends and form lots of connections. Enjoy your time as a student, and keep pursuing your passions.  

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