Welcome, everyone, to spring semester 2022! We're starting with some challenges, but I'd like to think that, together, we can create opportunities and continue as leaders in remaining open for teaching and research during the pandemic. I know many people have questions and concerns about what it means to return to campus amid an increase in COVID-19 cases, and I understand. However, the university is following the science and best guidance available to ensure that we can remain open and safe.
I believe that our university and its leadership are steering us in the right direction by laying the groundwork for continued in-person learning. We will learn how to live, learn, and work despite the inconvenience and disruptions that are bound to happen now and in the future. We are a top-tier academic institution, and we need to do everything we can to continue our educational and research missions in ways that are best for our students and research outcomes. We are returning to a campus environment with a fully-vaccinated community, including booster shots to meet the university's requirement, in addition to our weekly testing and masking requirements.
As more people return to our campuses, the university will continue to monitor infections, illnesses, and hospitalizations and examine policies as appropriate. If you are sick or someone you care for is sick, then you need to rest, isolate, and care for yourself and those who need you. Faculty and staff facing difficulties should engage with their supervisor as appropriate, and Northeastern Human Resources can help if necessary. Students should be sure to communicate early and often with their faculty so the best course of action can be determined. I am confident that our faculty will enable flexible modes of educational delivery as appropriate to ensure that no one falls behind. We stand ready to employ common sense flexibility to ensure that the needs and circumstances of our faculty, staff, and students are met.
I wholeheartedly believe that we have a strong and caring community, and we can continue to do this together. I ask you to help each other out over the next few weeks as we get past the return to campus and start the spring term. If your colleague is ill and needs help covering a class lecture, please help her. If a work deadline is approaching and you can help, please be willing to go the extra mile. If a fellow student needs help with class notes while in insolation, please do what you can to lend a hand. If we're all willing to support those in need, we'll end up stronger because of it.
If our Northeastern Network Science Institute colleagues are correct, and they have been so far, then this spike should be short-lived and we can get back to more stable times. In the meantime, there are lots of good answers to many of your questions in this Spring 2022 FAQ, and I encourage you to read through it.
Welcome back! We can do this.


Emery Trahan
Interim Dean
D'Amore-McKim School of Business