About Danielle

Hometown: Scituate, Massachusetts
Previous University: University of Massachusetts Boston
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor's degree in Asian Studies, East Asia track
Q:  With a background in East Asian Studies, what inspired you to take four graduate courses in marketing?  

A: Something many people know about me is that I speak Japanese. I started studying Japanese when I was 13. As an undergraduate student, I loved studying East Asian Studies. However, post-grad, I found limited job opportunities utilizing this degree. I decided to search for a new interest.  

After working at a restaurant for ten years, I started to manage their social media platforms. I'm an avid Instagrammer, so connecting with the community and generating some buzz came naturally to me. This experience made me realize I had a budding passion for marketing. What began as trying something new transformed into beginning a career in marketing. My next job was as a marketing specialist at MIT Federal Credit Union.  

After gaining some marketing experience, I wanted to grow my knowledge and began looking for the right program for me. I was eager to learn more about user behavior and what resonates with people when interacting with particular goods or services. Without having a formal education in the field, my knowledge was limited to my experiences. I wanted to learn more about marketing and earn a graduate certificate to provide myself access to more career opportunities in the future. 

Q: How did you decide that Northeastern University was the right fit for you? 

A: Northeastern University stood out to me because of its commitment to providing experiential learning opportunities. Having prior experience is a huge benefit and often a requirement when applying for jobs. I knew I would benefit from gaining professional experience as a student, which drew me to apply. 

Another consideration was the resources and support offered at Northeastern. It is nice to know that they will be there to support me whenever I need it, even after graduation.  

Q: What are your professional goals and how do you expect your graduate certificate to help you achieve them? 

A: Pursuing my Graduate Certificate in Marketing at Northeastern was a transformative experience. I learned a lot about myself and other passions that I had as well. Earning my certificate opened my eyes to opportunities to apply my marketing skills.  

My goal is to ultimately work in a marketing role within the gaming industry. I am considering pursuing a master's in game design and game science, where I can utilize my marketing and analytic skills. With game design, it's important to understand your audience and be able to promote your product in a meaningful way.  

Despite the challenges posed by working internationally, I would love to pursue marketing within the gaming industry for a Japanese company. Completing my certificate has given me the confidence to continue my pursuits as a lifelong learner to combine all my passions into a career that will feel custom-tailored for me. 

Q: What advice would you share with future students? 

A: My advice is to go for it without hesitation. Take the leap and dive into that program you've been contemplating. You'll have a great experience.  

Northeastern has many opportunities to gain experience beyond earning your degree through co-ops, projects, clubs, and more. Take advantage of any opportunities you can; it will only help you in the long run. 

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