About Camille

Hometown: Bay City, Michigan 
Previous University: Michigan State University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Visual Culture
Q: Tell us about your journey from working in the arts to pursuing an MBA at D'Amore-McKim.

A: My passion for the arts led me to earn a bachelor's degree in Art History and Visual Culture. After graduation, I developed a robust background in the arts in Boston, holding roles at the ICA, as a consultant at the Galerie d'Orsay, and tour manager at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum.

While I will always love the arts, I decided it was time to pursue another interest: consulting. As I explored how to break into the field, it became clear that an MBA was what I was looking for — a diverse and multifaceted degree that would equip me with the necessary skills to be a consultant.

I chose the D'Amore-McKim MBA program for its corporate residency program that provided the chance to gain professional work experience in this new field. I knew that the opportunity to gain consulting experience in conjunction with coursework would bring me closer to my goal of becoming a consultant.

My MBA and the Graduate Career Center helped me earn a position at a consulting firm for my residency, opening the door to the consulting world. My goal is to stay within consulting, eventually looking to focus on nonprofits primarily, which I am really passionate about. I'm already on my way to achieving this goal.

I also valued the smaller class sizes, which are more conducive to my learning and allow me to build long-lasting relationships with other students.

Q: How has your MBA prepared you for the workforce post-grad?

A: My MBA has given me the necessary knowledge and skills to become a consultant. The breadth of the curriculum gave me experience with finance, supply chain, healthcare, and innovation, something I would not have sought out on my own had it not been part of the program. I really liked that it took me out of my comfort zone to learn about these fields of study. Overall, my MBA has forced me to stretch my boundaries in ways I wouldn't have done on my own and has better prepared me to succeed in the consulting world.

Q: Tell us about your first consulting project.

A: I participated in a consulting project during my first year, fulfilling one of my experiential learning requirements of the curriculum. This was my first consulting experience, and I worked on a small team with three other MBA students and a sponsor at my host company. Our task was to review one asset and forecast its potential. We conducted a lot of market research to do so. This was my first time working in biotech, and I found the work incredibly fascinating. It was a fantastic experience.

This experience was a perfect entry into consulting and prepared me for my residency. I learned industry terminology, what to expect as a consultant, and what will be expected of me. It helped frame my expectations and gain the experience I desired.

Q:  Tell me about your corporate residency in consulting at Accelare.  

A: I'm a consultant at Accelare for my year-long residency. I was quickly integrated into the company and became a consultant from day one.  

I've had the opportunity to be involved in a couple of client engagements, primarily within the state government. I've also supported internal initiatives and marketing efforts, drafted an e-book on healthcare innovation, conducted market research, produced pitch decks, and created collateral for internal and external use. I'm performing many tasks that leverage what I learned in classes and incorporate the experience I gained before the program. 

Consulting can be ambiguous, and initially, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into. I needed to learn precisely what consulting entails. I think that's what makes consulting interesting; consultants work in many industries, becoming subject-matter experts very quickly, and immersing themselves in new fields. It's an intellectually challenging and stimulating experience. So, although it was intimidating at first, as I became more acclimated to the role, it became exciting with something new to tackle every day. 

Q:  How did the Graduate Career Center support you during your time at Northeastern?  

A:  The Graduate Career Center has been fantastic from day one. They made themselves readily available and coached me through résumé and cover letter writing. They also helped me consider future career options and how to translate my MBA concentrations into a career. My career advisor was incredibly supportive during brainstorming sessions and the application process for the residency program. They made it very clear that they will continue supporting me once I leave Northeastern, and I am incredibly grateful for this. 

Q:  What advice would you share with future students? 

A:  Go in with an open mind and be willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. It's a fast-paced program, but you learn a lot. Build those connections and networks with your classmates and professors. Take advantage of your time in the program to utilize all the resources offered. Finally, be very open, be curious, and ask any question you have because it will always be a good question. 

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