About Brennan

Hometown: Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Previous University: Wheaton College

Q: With a background in business and psychology, what inspired you to pursue the MS in Accounting/MBA program at D'Amore-McKim? 

A: I took different business-related courses for my major, and I enjoyed accounting and could see myself continuing with it. As I approached graduation, one of my professors recommended the D'Amore-McKim MS in Accounting/MBA program. He is a graduate of the program, so he knows firsthand the impact it can have. He suggested it would be a good fit for me to deepen my accounting knowledge and launch my career. The path I'm on now is definitely different from where I started, but I'm happy about this change in direction.   

Q: What sets D'Amore-McKim apart from other graduate programs? 

A: My goal coming into D'Amore-McKim was to put myself on a path toward a career. A program where I could level up my accounting knowledge, build my network, and gather traditional work experience. When I saw that this 15-month program included a corporate residency where I could work in a leading accounting firm for three months and build my skills, I was sold. This is what sets D'Amore-McKim apart from the rest.    

Q: Describe your corporate residency at PwC.  

A: I worked at PwC on the assurance team in the wealth management industry during busy season. This was a fulfilling experience because I directly used what I had learned in the classroom. I personally loved my corporate residency and cannot wait to go back. I got a glimpse into what I will be doing in my future and am prepared to hit the ground running. Because I was employed during the busy season, I had the opportunity to work with many clients and on various projects. I look forward to taking these skills with me and building on them in my future career.  

I am excited to say that I received a full-time offer from PwC and will be returning as an Assurance Associate in September.   

Q: Did your coursework prepare you well for your residency? 

A: My coursework undoubtedly helped me succeed at PwC. For example, in my data analytics course, we learned to use SQL, which came in very handy. At PwC, most employees use SQL, and because I already knew the program, the PwC team didn't need to train me, and I was able to take on more interesting work faster. My audit class covered topics that were directly applicable to my client, and I was able to contribute actively to the process of finding a solution, despite having no previous accounting work experience. This helped me gain newfound confidence in the field and helped me prove to myself that I could be a successful working professional.    

Q: What advice do you have for future students?  

A: Time management is critical. Make sure to give yourself enough time to study and prioritize learning. Continuously go over topics and information that you struggle with. I suggest brushing up on your Excel skills because knowing how to use that software is important both in classes and on the job.   

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