This post originally appeared on Medium. It was published by Associate Professor of Marketing Bruce Clark.

The buzz around all things generative AI has hit academia like a sledgehammer. From concerns about academic integrity to how using an “assistant” might affect student learning, professors everywhere are talking about it. My department had a vigorous online discussion and debate over the December break, but it was far too early for us to set policies.

So I decided to run a couple of experiments.

This article describes what I did with two classes in late March and early April of 2023, one of 35 undergraduate marketing concentrators and the other of 12 graduate marketing concentrators. These were both second courses in the concentration — i.e., they had had a classic Intro course — and the second course at both levels dove more deeply into applications and examples.

This was a learning experience for all of us, and I want to share the details in the hope that it might prove useful to other instructors. It is an exploration of marketing topics, but you may find it inspires ideas even outside a marketing classroom.