As part of the D'Amore-McKim community, you have discounted access to StockTrak's financial literacy platform, including free entrée to the Financial Life Simulation. The platform has built-in lessons and quizzes to sharpen personal finance acumen, plus free online courses and stock market simulations to get your investing off on the right track.

Financial Life Simulation

Learn the basics of personal finance and budgeting in this three-to-four hour experience filled with unexpected challenges. A ‘financial literacy' certificate, which students can use to build up their resumes, is issued to those who successfully meet the learning objectives.

You just graduated school and are starting your first full-time job. You need to roll the die to move forward through 12 virtual months. You'll get a paycheck every two weeks, various bills throughout the month, and plenty of unexpected expenses along the way.

Maximize your ‘Credit Score' by using your credit card to responsibly charge and pay off your balance. In addition, increase your ‘Quality of Life' score by smartly spending your money and building up your ‘Emergency Fund' by transferring money to your savings account. Successfully complete the game and you'll be issued a virtual certification in financial literacy that makes for a nice resume booster.

Create a StockTrak account using your Northeastern email address. Confirm your account via email and, once logged into StockTrack, click PLAY BUDGET GAME from the main menu.

For an additional $12, include the StockTrak Financial Literacy lesson pack to learn more about investing and budgeting after graduation. This is a separate session from the Financial Literacy class and grants a Certificate of Completion after finishing all lessons.

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Vincent Muscolino

Thanks to our sponsor, Bank of America, students and others in the D'Amore-McKim community have an opportunity to develop financial literacy in a fun and engaging Financial Life Simulation. The virtual certification is a great resume builder, too.

Vincent Muscolino, Senior Finance Lecturer

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