Learn to lead with a global mindset.

If your vision for your future includes working in multiple countries, or managing people in a multinational corporation, you need a business education that helps you navigate a rapidly changing world with skill and savvy. Our International Business concentration is designed just for that purpose, with a challenging and stimulating curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of strategy, competition, and leadership in a global marketplace.

This concentration addresses global concerns from both your company’s perspective and your own as an individual with lofty career aspirations. You’ll have the opportunity for a comprehensive education in all the traditional business functions—accounting, finance, strategy, etc.—with an emphasis on international operations.

We’ll teach you how to analyze the global business landscape so that you can understand what globalization means for your company. You’ll study the underlying mechanisms for developing and expanding multinational corporations so that you can enter and be successful in new foreign markets. And we’ll prepare you to be a savvy leader who can integrate workforces seamlessly across cultural boundaries.

If you choose, you can take an elective International Field Study course abroad, immersing you in the business and cultural practices of that culture via classroom study, company site visits, and outside activities. You could also take our three credit elective Global Projects Course. This offers a transformative, global experiential learning opportunity—one in which you not only travel abroad and polish your global acumen but work as a team to tackle a real business issue for a multinational company in their global office.

The international business concentration makes an excellent pairing with finance coursework, if you’re in the Full-Time MS in Finance/MBA, or any of our other Full-Time MBA concentrations: finance, marketing, supply chain, and others. In pairing concentrations, you’ll become deeply knowledgeable in a given business function with a toolkit to help you operate that function in an international context.

Finally, you’ll get a chance to test-drive that practical toolkit in an exciting arena: a paid corporate residency with a company whose mission matches your career interests. You’ll help a real corporate team make better decisions based on data, building confidence and experience in the process. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that distinguishes D’Amore-McKim from other schools—and will distinguish you from other business graduates.