Today's marketplace is global, connected, and interdependent. Business leaders who understand the legal and logistical implications of international business—and who know how to operate across cultures—can position themselves for exciting opportunities to work in different countries or manage international teams.

The International Business concentration from D'Amore-McKim will deepen your knowledge of global competitive strategies and help you develop leadership skills that translate across international borders. Your coursework focuses on core business issues—such as economic considerations, trade policies, politics, and currency markets—and explores critical cultural concerns that arise when companies operate in multiple countries.

You'll also have the chance to build valuable on-the-ground experience in another country by choosing the International Field Study or Global Consulting Project elective options. In the International Field Study, you'll immerse yourself in the business practices of another country via classroom work, on-site visits abroad to an international host business, and outside cultural activities in that country. The Global Consulting Project is a team effort where you'll research and analyze a business challenge opportunity for a multinational business, including an intensive week of activity on-site and a final report of recommendations. Either opportunity will enrich your learning experience and make you a more confident and capable leader here and abroad.

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