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Always building strong relationships with corporate partners, the Graduate Career Center will help you find a transformative corporate residency.

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Your Corporate Residency: Making It Real

In order to become a leader in your field and accelerate your career, it’s going to take more than just an outstanding classroom experience. It’s going to take learning that only comes from meaningful, MBA-level experience. And that is where our corporate residency program makes the difference.

Our program is truly unlike anything out there, giving you the experience, confidence, and a lifetime of valuable connections that will help you standout professionally. Our Graduate Career Center works diligently with you to find your perfect corporate fit for your residency. Even as a student, you’ll be working as a paid employee at a leading business in your field of interest. The typical duration of a corporate residency is six-months. This duration will enable you to make a meaningful contribution to the company and build lasting connections. For experienced students that are not changing careers, there is an opportunity to accelerate your program by shortening your residency to three months. Conversely, you may want to undertake two six-month corporate residencies to maximize your opportunity to build your skill set and resume.

The Graduate Career Center really helped me make the most of my MBA. The director used her connections to recommend me for an interview with IBM where I met Stan, the Vice President and Controller; a D’Amore-McKim alumnus who I now count as a mentor.

Morgan Montgomery-Rice, MBA’15

Students Transformed by Corporate Residency

“Through the training and practices in MBA courses,” says Feng, “I was able to apply my past experiences and skills to my new field and role. These skills have strengthened, and served me well as I find my way toward my career goal.”