About Kavan

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Current Position: Financial Analyst, Houlihan Lokey
Previous University: University of Mumbai, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics 
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor's in Financial Markets
Q: Tell us about your background.  

A: After completing my undergraduate degree, I passed my CFA level one and two and worked in equity research analysis for two years. When I came to the U.S. to earn my master's, one of my main goals was to work for a big investment bank. To do this, I needed to learn more about the quantitative side of finance and gain the necessary data analytics experience to diversify myself. Pursuing a master's would help me build new skills while deepening my financial expertise.   

Q: Why did you choose D'Amore-McKim? 

A: I wanted to continue working in finance and build quantitative and data analytics skills. D'Amore-McKim's MS in Quantitative Finance curriculum includes in-depth quantitative coursework. The program focuses on four core subjects, three based on traditional finance and one that dives into data analytics. This piece is particularly helpful because we can learn coding languages like Python. I loved the flexibility of choosing electives in all different sectors of finance. It kept my options open and gave me access to many opportunities.  

Q: How did your Bloomberg Market Concepts certification help you land your current position?

A: I earned my Bloomberg Market Concepts certification through my portfolio management class. I was pleased that Northeastern offered this opportunity because it is a highly selective program that not all universities can access. When hiring companies see I have a Bloomberg Market Concept certification, they know I've done my homework and have the skills. This certification is an important asset for any company when hiring a team member. It put me in a favorable position during my hiring process for Houlihan Lokey, where I work now. Because I had already completed my certification, I could join the team and contribute immediately.   

Q: What are your biggest takeaways from the program? 

A: I loved how I gained practical experience in finance, analytics, and coding. In my portfolio management course, I learned firsthand how the markets work, how to manage a portfolio, and make decisions. I used Bloomberg Terminal a lot during this course, and the practical experience it provided me with is now helping me in the real world.  

Taking part in the 360 Huntington Fund was also a great practical application of what I learned in class. As Chief Operations Officer, I applied myself in a managerial way, something I hadn't done before. I developed interpersonal and time management skills. It was a great experience. 

Q: How did the Northeastern network help you land your full-time role? 

A: I built a powerful network at Northeastern. I connected with a Northeastern alum, and through their help and referral, I was able to land the job of my dreams. My goal for the next three to six years is to advance in my current company, become an associate, then the vice president, and keep climbing. 

Q: What advice would you share with future students? 

A: Do not be afraid to ask any questions. Prioritize networking from day one, which is the key to landing a job. Also, take part in the 360 Huntington Fund to understand how the U.S. markets work and how to pitch a stock pitch—this experience was really valuable for me.  

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