As media companies compete for new content avenues, Amazon leverages its bundled Prime services to attract users.

Launched this year, the Bradford-Osborne Research Award is the first national award to recognize research published in peer-reviewed journals that contributes to advancing the growth of businesses owned by people of color. Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Venkat Kuppuswamy received the award for his co-authored 2017 Management Science paper, “The Colorblind Crowd? Founder Race and Performance in Crowdfunding.”

Venkat Kuppuswamy, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, shares his research findings on how algorithm-driven technologies have been known to create unconscious biases across a variety of platforms. This article was written about the recent tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

An illustration of new research by Venkat Kuppuswamy, who is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Northeastern University, highlights Kuppuswamy's key finding: Customers are less willing to pay top dollar for a product made by a black entrepreneur than they are for the same product made by a white entrepreneur.

A data breach showed Northeastern assistant professor Venkat Kuppuswamy how conventional thinking on diversity in Hollywood films is flawed.

The D'Amore-McKim School of Business recently welcomed Venkat Kuppuswamy as an assistant professor in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation group.

Professor Venkat Kuppuswamy reflects on the impact of cast diversity after Asian-led “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Searching” simultaneously top box office charts.