Shun-Yang Lee is an assistant professor of marketing at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business, where he teaches courses in Marketing Analytics and Programming with Data (Business Practicum).

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. He utilizes data analytics and experimental approaches to study the intersection of marketing and technology, with an emphasis on behavioral issues in social media and online platforms.

His work has been published in premier journals including Information Systems Research, Production and Operations Management, and MIS Quarterly. He was previously an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut, where he taught Predictive Modeling in the Masters in Business Analytics and Project Management program (MSBAPM) as well as Business Information Systems in the undergraduate program.


  • PhD Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin
  • MS Information, Risk, and Operations Management, University of Texas at Austin
  • BA Mathematics, Bard College
  • BM Piano Performance, Bard College

Selected Publications

  • Agarwal, A., Lee, S. Y., Whinston, A. B. (2024). The Effect of Popularity Cues and Peer Endorsements on Assertive Social Media Ads. Information Systems Research, Forthcoming.
  • He, S., Lee, S. Y., Rui, H. (2023). Open Voice or Private Message? The Hidden Tug-of-War on Social Media Customer Service. Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming.
  • Ba, S., He, S., Lee, S. Y. (2022). Mobile App Adoption and Its Differential Impact on Consumer Shopping Behavior. Production and Operations Management, 31(2), 764-780.
  • Qiao, D., Lee, S. Y., Whinston, A. B., & Wei, Q. (2021). Mitigating the Adverse Effect of Monetary Incentives on Voluntary Contributions Online. Journal of Management Information Systems, 38(1), 82-107.
  • Qiao, D., Lee, S. Y., Whinston, A. B., & Wei, Q. (2020). Financial Incentives Dampen Altruism in Online Pro-Social Contributions: A Study of Online Reviews. Information Systems Research, 31(4), 1361-1375.
  • Lee, S. Y., Rui, H., & Whinston, A. B. (2019). Is Best Answer Really the Best Answer? The Politeness Bias. MIS Quarterly, 43(2), 579-600.
  • Lee, S. Y., Qiu, L., & Whinston, A. B. (2018). Sentiment Manipulation in Online Platforms: An Analysis of Movie Tweets. Production and Operations Management, 27(3), 393-416.