Neha, as the Senior Data and Planning Support Analyst, collaborates with stakeholders to execute data analysis projects aligned with the college's mission and goals. With expertise in advanced data modeling and predictive techniques, she ensures accurate and consistent reporting by overseeing data collection, computation, and interpretation for key initiatives. She works closely with the leadership to identify and track key performance indicators that gauge the effectiveness of business decisions.

In her role, Neha develops and maintains performance dashboards to monitor progress across vital areas such as enrollment, financial performance, student success, fundraising, and research. Additionally, she conducts research and analysis to support special projects and strategic initiatives. She also actively contributes to process improvement efforts by implementing technical processes that enhance efficiency and address various business challenges and needs.


  • Master of Professional Studies in Analytics, Northeastern University
  • Master of Business Administration, Panjab University
  • Bachelors in Technology, Himachal Pradesh University