Selected Publications

  • Raelin, J., Kempster, S., Youngs, H., Carroll, B., Jackson, B. (2018). Practicing Leadership-as-Practice in Content and Manner. Leadership, 14(3), 371-383.
  • Raelin, J. (2018). “Leadership-as-Practice and Its Impact on Learning,” Training Industry, May 8, 2018.
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  • Raelin, J. (2016). “Imagine there are no leaders: Reframing leadership as collaborative agency.” Lead article in Leadership, 12(2), 131-158.
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Selected Presentations

  • Raelin, J. “Is There a Role for Business Schools When Practice is at Stake,” Keynote address at the First Teaching and Learning Conference, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Orlando. (August 11, 2013).
  • Raelin, J. “The Practice Shift: Dialogue and Learning in ‘Leaderful' Development,” Presentation for the Learning Innovations Laboratory, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, (April 25, 2013).
  • Raelin, J. “Should We Be Doing Action Learning Research?” Keynote address at the New Dimensions in Action Learning 2012 Conference, Sloan School of Management, MIT, Cambridge, MA. (August 2, 2012).
  • Raelin, J. “Work-Based Learning and Sustainability: The Case for Reflective Practice in HRD,” Opening keynote address for the 12th International HRD (Human Resource Development) Conference, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK, (May 25, 2011).
  •  Raelin, J.  “The Manager's New Role:  From Controller to ‘Leaderful' Facilitator,” Keynote for the 8th International Conference on Studying Leadership:  Leadership in Crisis,” Hosted by the Centre for Leadership, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, (December 7-8, 2009).


  • PhD Policy Studies, State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Organizational Development, Boston University
  • EdM and certification in Counseling, Tufts University
  • BA Political Science and French, Tufts University

Research & Teaching Interests

Raelin's research has centered on executive and professional education and development. His work is currently focused in two areas: work-based learning and the development of a new paradigm for leadership he calls “leaderful practice.”

Industry & Academic Experience

Raelin has been an active consultant in human resource development to all sectors of our economy. His focus is to work especially with executives to develop organizational climates receptive to the mutual goals of managerial performance and professional accomplishment. His current interest is to develop action learning programs as part of an organization's executive and management development function.

Services to the Profession

Raelin serves on the board of the World Institute for Action Learning and the Institute for Organizational Consulting Psychology. He also serves as an editor for: Action Learning: Research and Practice, Management Learning; Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning; The Research in Management Education and Development Series; Information Age Publishers; and The Handbook of Management Learning and Education, Sage Publications.

Awards & Recognition

  • Recipient of the national CEIA (Cooperative Education and Internship Association) James W. Wilson Award for outstanding contribution to research in the field of cooperative education, Orlando, (April 16, 2013).
  • Recipient of the Best Paper Award – Best PIC V and Best Overall Paper (for the whole conference) for the paper, “The Effect of Cooperative Education on the Self-Efficacy of Students in Undergraduate Engineering,” ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, San Antonio, (June 13, 2012).
  • Recipient of the Ralph W. Tyler Award for Outstanding and Distinguished Research and Publication in the Field of Cooperative Education, Internships, and Work-Integrated Learning, for the paper “The Effect of Cooperative Education on Change in Self-Efficacy among Undergraduate Students: Introducing Work Self-Efficacy,” CEIA Annual Conference, Chicago, (April 17, 2012).