Selected Publications

  • Eroglu, C., Croxton, K. L. (2013). Logistics Management. Wiley Encyclopedia of Management.
  • Eroglu, C., Croxton, K. L. (2013). Supply Chain Management. Wiley Encyclopedia of Management.
  • Eroglu, C., Williams, B. D., Waller, M. A. (2012). The Backroom Effect in Retail Operations. Production and Operations Management.
  • Hofer, C., Eroglu, C. (2012). The Effect of Lean Production on Financial Performance: The Mediating Role of Inventories. International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Eroglu, C., Hofer, C. (2011). Inventory Types and Firm Performance: Vector Autoregressive and Vector Error Correction Models. Journal of Business Logistics, 32(3), 227-239.

Selected Presentations

  • Hofer, Christian (Presenter & Author), Eroglu, Cuneyt (Author Only), ATRS World Conference 2013, “THE EFFECT OF GULF CARRIER ENTRY ON LEGACY CARRIER TRAFFIC: AN EXPLORATORY ANALYSIS OF US DATA”, Air Transportation Research Society, Bergamo, Italy. (June 26, 2013).
  • Eroglu, Cuneyt (Presenter Only), Collaborative Innovation Networks Conference, “Using IT to Collaborate”, Institute for Global Innovation Management, Boston (Northeastern University). (May 10, 2013).
  • Eroglu, Cuneyt, Cantor, David (Presenter Only), 2013 Logistics Doctoral Symposium, “Research with Archival Data”, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. (April 6, 2013).
  • Eroglu, Cuneyt (Presenter & Author), RISE 2012: Research, Innovation, Scholarship Expo, “THE BACKROOM EFFECT IN RETAIL OPERATIONS”, Center for Research Innovation, Northeastern University, Boston, MA. (March 29, 2012).
  • Eroglu, Cuneyt (Presenter & Author), RISE 2011: Research, Innovation, Scholarship Expo, “Gender and Individual Differences in Judgmental Adjustments of Statistical Forecasts”, Center for Research Innovation, Boston, MA. (April 6, 2011).


  • Ph.D. in Logistics, The Ohio State University (2006)
  • M.S. In Management Science, University of Miami (1994)
  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University (1992)

Research & Teaching Interests

Associate Professor Eroglu’s research and teaching interests include Inventory Management and Firm Performance, specifically within empirical estimation of inventory leanness, associated performance benefits, and the moderating effects of industry characteristics. He is also interested in Inventory Management in Retail Supply Chains, specifically highlighting modeling of retail supply chain operations, marketing and financial implications of retail operations, and retailer-supplier relations.

Services to the Profession

Associate Professor Eroglu servers as an ad hoc reviewer for the Production and Operations Management (POM), Journal of Operations Management (JOM), Journal of Business Logistics (JBL), International Journal of Logistics Management (IJLM), Transporation Research Part E (TR-E), and Decision Sciences.

Awards & Recognition

  • Finalist, Jack Meredith Best Paper Award, “Lean, Leaner, too lean? The inventory-performance link revisited,” Journal of Operations Management, 2012.
  • Outstanding Paper Award, Emerald Literati Network, 2012; “An institutional theoretical perspective on forces driving adoption of lean production globally: China Vis-aVis the United States,” The International Journal of Logistics Management, 2011.