• PhD Logistics, The Ohio State University
  • MS Management Science, University of Miami
  • BS Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University

Selected Publications

  • Garcia-Dastugue, S., Eroglu, C. 2019. “The Operating Performance Effects of Service Quality and Environmental Sustainability Awards in Logistics” Journal of Supply Chain Management, 55(3), 68–87.
  • Eroglu, C., Williams, B. D., Waller, M. A. 2018. “Using the Pack-and-a-Half Rule to Eliminate Backroom Inventories in Retail Operations” Journal of Business Logistics, 39(3), 164–181.
  • Eroglu, C., Kurt, A. C., Elwakil, O. S. 2016. “Stock Market Reaction to Quality, Safety, and Sustainability Awards in Logistics” Journal of Business Logistics, 37(4): 329–345.
  • Dresner, M., Eroglu, C., Hofer, C., Mendez, F., Tan, K. 2015. “The Impact of Gulf Carrier Competition on U.S. Airlines” Transportation Research Part A, 79: 31–41.
  • Eroglu, C., Hofer, C. 2014. “The Effect of Environmental Dynamism on Returns to Inventory Leanness” Journal of Operations Management, 32(6): 347–356.

Research & Teaching Interests

Eroglu's main research interests are inventory management, retail operations, and judgmental forecasting. His work has been published in several leading academic journals such as Production and Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, and Journal of Business Logistics. Before pursuing an academic career, he has worked at various capacities for Ryder, FedEx, and Ericsson for several years. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in operations management, supply chain management, transportation, forecasting, and demand planning.

Services to the Profession

Eroglu serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Operations Management, an editorial review board member for Production and Operations Management and Journal of Business Logistics, and as ad hoc reviewer for the International Journal of Logistics Management, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Transportation Research Part E, and several other journals.

Awards & Recognition

  • Honorable Mention, Best Reviewer Award, Journal of Operations Management, 2018.
  • Finalist, Jack Meredith Best Paper Award, “Lean, Leaner, too lean? The inventory-performance link revisited,” Journal of Operations Management, 2012.
  • Outstanding Paper Award, Emerald Literati Network, 2012; “An institutional theoretical perspective on forces driving adoption of lean production globally: China vis-à-vis the United States,” The International Journal of Logistics Management, 2011.