Moritz Proell, DMSB'25, is currently on co-op at a logistics company in Austria. Though he has Austrian citizenship, he has never had an opportunity to live in the country until this year.

As a combined major in international business and international affairs with a concentration in finance, this co-op presented the perfect opportunity for him to explore his interests. “I would very much like to further explore companies and problems on an international scale, and work with various people from various cultures because that is very interesting to me,” Proell says. “Where I would see myself in the future is working for a U.S. firm that focuses on a global market or at a firm abroad, where I can implement the various experience and skills I've gotten, because I think I have a unique perspective from working and living in the U.S. as well as in Europe.”

Proell's family speaks German at home, making it easier for him to understand an experience the bustling cultural scene in Vienna. “You have coffeehouses, you have Mozart — it's almost like a historical zoo, and I think that is really cool,” says Proell.

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