Northeastern University recently launched a leading-edge program to ensure that families of current undergraduate students can pursue graduate education at a discounted price.

The Lifetime Learning Membership expands accessibility to graduate education through the financial assistance of a 25 percent discount on more than 100 graduate programs and certificates, including 16 D'Amore-McKim School of Business offerings.

“Learning is a lifelong endeavor,” Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun said. “We are happy to provide opportunities for families so they can explore new knowledge regardless of where they are in their careers. This program will benefit countless families in advancing their education.”

This pioneering initiative joins other innovative scholarship opportunities, such as the Double Husky program, which provides alumni with an up to 25 percent discount on their graduate education tuition. Northeastern alumni are automatically considered for the scholarship when they apply to an eligible degree program.

“Northeastern's global network and breadth of experiential offerings are unrivaled resources that are now available to help families of our students achieve their own educational and personal goals,” said Philomena Mantella, senior vice president and CEO of Northeastern's Global Network.

Enrollment in graduate-degree programs and certificates within the Lifetime Learning Membership begins in spring 2016. Parents and siblings must enroll while the undergraduate in their family is taking full-time classes at Northeastern, but the discount will remain valid until the completion of their graduate courses.

The majority of D'Amore-McKim graduate-degree programs and certificates, including our Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, Part-Time MBA, MS in Innovation and MS in Accounting/MBA, are eligible for the Lifetime Learning Membership.